Miss Em’s Virtual Parties

Now that I’m 8 months pregnant with a busy-body 2-year-old at home (oh, and that running a business full-time thing! haha!), I’ve been getting more and more creative with how I shop.

Over the past few months, I’ve signed up for a grocery delivery service, a healthy meal delivery service, a dry cleaning delivery service, and Amazon Prime for two-day-delivery of just about any other random thing I might need delivered to the house. All of these things made a HUGE difference in freeing up my time but still getting me what I need to keep things ticking here at Casa Scalia.

My wardrobe is no exception, either. But since my body is in such a state of flux right now, I’ve been keeping my clothing very basic and jazzing things up with accessories. One of my FAVORITE businesses to buy accessories from is Miss Em’s. She does a ton of events in Cincinnati and Columbus and she has a great website. I’ve been buying a ton of things online from her lately to keep my wardrobe fresh with her on-trend but SUPER affordable accessories. She’s actually known for her “look for less” selections. Oh, and she just started selling baby items too, so I now have even more reason to be on her site.

Speaking of, since I’ve been buying a lot from her lately, I saw the “host a party” button on her site, and all the benefits a hostess gets (aka FREE jewelry!) so I considered that. But again, I’m 8 months preggo with a crazy two year old at home… having people over gives me a headache just thinking about it! haha!

I happened to mention this to the owner Emily when we were chatting online, and she said that she has a brand new option for people like me who prefer to do their buying – and partying – all online. So, they’re similar to LuLaRoe online parties, but instead of leggings, you’re getting jewelry!

Emily works with her customers to host online Facebook parties, or “Virtual Parties” as she calls them. The customer picks the date/time of the Facebook party and Miss Em creates a group page that has all of the details about the sale. Once the group is created, the host (customer) invites all of her friends to attend that might be interested in buying at the virtual party. Miss Em will post photos leading up to the event…  like photos of the types of products, fun pictures of customers wearing Miss Em’s pieces, funny memes, etc.

The evening of your party, at the time designated, Miss Em’s will host albums of necklaces, earrings, scarves, bracelets, baby items, etc.  Your customers can then shop from those albums. There’s typically only one of each piece, so if you see something you like, you have to comment “SOLD” right away to get it! Customers that purchase (mark “SOLD”) on the items will be asked to fill out a google sheet with their information. Miss Em then contacts them for payment information. Once paid, the items are shipped out to the customers!

The host receives  15% of the total sales in free jewelry for themselves!  Anything else they want to purchase ,they can get 25% off of. It’s easy, fun and there is no cleaning involved! You can also do this to raise funds for a charity!

I loved the idea because it sounded like fun, was casual, very little work on my part, and no-pressure for my friends to buy. So, I picked a date (it’s next Sunday) to have one of these virtual parties and see how they work for myself! I’m SO excited!

I decided that I’d post to the party page some pics of things I just bought from Miss Em and how I styled them to give my friends ideas of what they could get and ideas for how to wear them. Below are a few pics I took and will be posting to the page!

I can’t wait to see how it goes! I’ll keep you updated!

To set one up for yourself, contact Emily at emily@missems.com or (513) 313-7324.

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