Star Glazers = Creative Fun!

My friends and I have been looking for things for us to do together that involve something other than just meeting at a restaurant or bar… yes, we’re at that sad point in life where we’re starting to feel old at most bars in town. haha!

Plus, I have a curious two year old who likes to get her hands dirty… or “get creative” as we call it!

So, I was SUPER excited to learn about Star Glazers. They bring a pottery making/decorating party to you. They bring everything except the tables and chairs! It’s great for any type get-together…birthdays, ladies night, showers, Scouts, church groups, corporate events, after-prom activities, etc. Great for any age!

Prices range from $9 per piece to around $40 per piece (piece price includes piece, paint, supplies to use, Star Glazers employee on site for event, glazing, firing, delivery of finished pieces). Parties have a minimum of 8 people and/or 8 pieces. No maximum of pieces, though! (with giving them notice of course)

What I love is that you don’t need to be an artist for this. You learn as you go, and someone from Star Glazers is there the whole time in case anyone needs help achieving their artistic vision.

Sounds awesome, right!? Click here to check out examples on their site and click here to contact them to learn more/book them for a party!

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