5 Items You’ll Wish You Had This Spring Break

My intern Alexis Piascik is headed out to Spring Break this week (LUCKY!), so she wrote this as a guest post as a helpful guide to anyone else headed out too! Thanks, Alexis!

Spring Break is right around the corner and I’m sure many of you are itching to get out of the office and into that beach chair that’s been patiently waiting its arrival back into sunlight – I know I am – but one of the biggest questions I always find myself asking in the days leading up is “what should I bring?” and I’ve finally decided on 5 items to keep me comfortable and chic that have locked a place in my suitcase and, in my opinion, should in yours too.

1. These yoga mat sandals from Sanuk

Move out of the way, flip flops, there’s a new sheriff in town. Yoga Slings are all the rave, so naturally, I bought myself a pair and I can tell you it was hands down the best $20 I’ve ever spent, every time the thermostat cracks 60° I break them out and wear them everywhere. The yoga mat soles and cloth straps give your feet a comfortable cushion all around, just like classic walking shoes do, but now they’re stylish sandals that won’t give you that awkward sock-tan.

2. A Floral Sarong

Sarongs are a classic beach cover-up. Being able to tie them so many different ways allows you to go from relaxing at the beach, to perusing the shops, to dinner at a new restaurant without having to change. They’re lightweight, dry quickly, and choosing a floral one will keep you right on trend for spring, without even trying.

3. A Classic Floppy Hat

Between the sand, salt, and sun, you’re bound to have a few unwanted bad-hair-days this Spring Break, but no worries! Spritz a little cold water on your hair and throw on a classic floppy hat and now you’ve just got chic beach waves – while simultaneously giving your face a little extra protection from those harsh UV rays.

4. Linen Shorts

Linen shorts are a perfect addition to your spring break wardrobe. Other than being super comfortable, lightweight, and stylish, linen allows tons of air-flow and is considered a good heat-conductor, meaning it can absorb a ton of water before even feeling wet and will keep you cool all day long.

5. An Oversized Flannel

One thing many of us forget about when packing for spring break is that sometimes it gets cold. I know, hard to believe, but I have the solution! It’s the same solution we use every fall – oversized flannels. They look absolutely adorable tied around your waist during those hot, sunny days, but once the sun sets and the temperature begins to drop, you can just untie it and throw it on and now you’re covered without having to worry about having lugged a jacket around all day.

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