Nine Styling Tips to Take You From Drab to FAB!

Ready to take your style from drab to fab? Check out this blog post from my intern Alexis Piascik!

All of us have had those days when your outfit looks cool but is missing that certain something to take it from “cool” to red-carpet ready! Check out these tips to help you stock your closet with the essentials and keep your fashionista-focused mind from ever having a drab day again!

1. Flat-brimmed hats
Use a flat-brimmed hat in cool neutrals or seasonal statement colors, such as maroon or mustard, to hide those bad hair days you only notice 10 minutes before your daily debut.

Image: Pinterest

2. Fishnet tights
Use fishnet tights to add an extra edge under distressed jeans, crop-tops, tea length skirts, or peak-a-boo heels.

Image: Pinterest

3. Popped collars
Wearing a collared shirt or jacket? Pop the collar and give your whole outfit a cool, retro vibe.

Image: Pinterest

4. Kimonos
As the temperatures rise, heavy jackets fall short. Trade in your bombers and utility jackets for lightweight kimonos to add feminine whimsy to even the hardest of looks.

Garment too long? Steal inspo from Ryan Roche and tie it up in multiple knots, adding both practicality and a boho-nouveau vibe.

Image: Ryan Roche

5. Frayed denim
Take a classic denim mini to the next level by fraying the edges, giving it a little more character.

Image: Pinterest

6. Bold lips
Add some flare to simpler outfits with natural make-up and a bold, red-based, lip.

Image: Trendy Tshirt

7. Skin-showing Overalls
Bare some skin when wearing overalls by omitting the undershirt and instead sporting a saucy bralette, if anything at all.

Image: Pinterest

8. Chunk belts
Or cover up a little more by adding a chunky belt at your waist to your classic crop-top-and-low-risers ensemble.

Image: The Hunt

9. Chokers and body chains
Layer thinly sparkling chokers and body chains over your outfit for an almost-not-there, eye-catching glimmer.

Image: Pinterest

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