5 Fun Ideas to do With Your Mom This Mother’s Day!

All moms are different, but if there’s one thing every mom has in common, it’s that anything you give her that has even 2 ounces of thought put into it, will make her heart swell larger than the Grinch’s after he realizes the true spirit of Christmas. Whatever kind of mom you have, she wants nothing more than to love you unconditionally, so here’s a couple ways to make saying ‘thanks’ a little more special. And don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts.

1. Make breakfast together – giving your mom breakfast in bed is one thing, but helping her make her favorite breakfast will be a memory she’ll never forget. Stay in your pjs, open the windows, and jam out to some classic Brittany Spears. Pancakes will never taste as good.

Image: Taste of Home

2. Go shopping – how do girlfriends bond? By going shopping! Whether it’s the mall, a thrift store, or a flea market, your mom will jump at the idea of going shopping with her daughter, it’s a time to bond, gossip, keep her feeling young and stylish. Shopping is a fool-proof plan.

Image: Easy Day – Snydle

3. Scrapbook – take this day to look back on all the amazing memories you and your mom have had, together or apart. Mother’s Day is about appreciating everything your mom has done. What better way than to photograph it all and glue them onto some decorated papers?

Image: Miss Bizi Bee

4. City Bikes – visit your hometown in a new light by taking out some free city bikes! Your mom will love spending this quality time with you, riding around the city she raised you in, and maybe even grew up in. Pack a picnic, maybe take your dog, just have a good time.

Image: Bay City Bike Rack

5. Grab coffee – if your mom still has to get some work done, despite her one day of the year, take her to your favorite coffee shop and bring your own laptop. She’ll appreciate it tenfold, just feeling like she’s spending time with you, even if you’re both immersed in your own worlds.

Image: Express-O

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