A Beautiful Note from NYC

I just cried ugly tears. The kind that happens when something really, truly speaks to you and you realize why life led you there. I have to be honest. I came here for work. To see and talk about a Broadway show that’s coming to Cincinnati soon. I knew it was about a woman named Carole King who was a songwriter behind the scenes for a LONG time and then eventually wrote, and sang, her own album…didn’t know much more than that. Without giving anything away, tonight I saw a show about an incredible woman I related to on SO many levels. Perusing a passion for a profession instead of a traditional career path, raising a quickly growing family, the struggle to juggle it all… all while trying to fan the flame of your passion that you so dearly love and makes you feel alive when it burns bright… and having the confidence that you CAN. When Pete was sick, I wrote a lot. My mom reminded me that I did that a lot growing up too. I’ve always loved writing {especially when I need to talk to someone – but not talk to anyone}. With a newborn and toddler though, the house is never quiet enough for me to have a complete thought let alone actually write. Tonight’s show reminded me how powerful the pen can be… how it can help release, clarify and detoxify how you feel about things. So, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, or what it will be about, but I’m going to get back to writing again. I’ve been truly touched and inspired tonight. And that, my friends, is Beautiful.

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