Behind the Scenes: Cinci Makeup Classes

I want to say thank you to my editorial intern Ali Waychoff for this guest post!

The team behind Cinci Makeup.

The studio stands out in a way you would least expect, and draws you in once you notice it. Cinci Makeup stands in between two other shops, with one glass door, labeled with the address. It gives the feel of a vintage barber shop on the outside, with a modern, rustic chic feel to the inside, and swallows you in all the lights. I was so excited to push through the doors, I mean hey, makeup and makeup artists were behind those doors, why wouldn’t I be?!

I walked in, immediately feeling at home from Kelly Neaves’ warm smile, and open arms. I went straight in for a hug, and was immediately taken back by her makeup stand, the lighting, and the two beautiful women with her. I seriously felt like I was standing in a dressing room behind the scenes of one of my favorite T.V shows! Nina and Leyla, with Trish McEvoy cosmetics, help Neaves with her master classes, by applying the makeup on a model they bring in, and it was me this time, which was so awesome, to show the clients just how they should be applying their makeup, and welcoming in the compliments on all the clients.

The floors are lived in, and add all the character you could ever want in one place. A chalkboard wall is to the right, added with the wifi password, pushed up against it, is a small table withMcEvoy products invading the space. In the center, off toward the right, is a huge wooden table, finished in silky cherry wood, with six different chairs set along the sides. At each placement, there are small mirrors with lights, alcohol and water spray bottles, makeup brushes, facial serums, oils, and a makeup travel kit with every essential any woman could ever want.

The women who booked the class, coincidently enough booked the class by seeing the post about Neaves classes on Cincy Chic, started to arrive by 6 p.m. The girls came in one-by-one, and some with each other, immediately setting their things down at the makeup table, and grabbing a glass of wine, and some cheese and crackers. Neaves showed everyone around, and got everyone to their seats to start the class. I sat in at the class as the makeup model, which was so cool, and something I had never done before! Leyla applied my makeup, and lead the class, while Neaves and Nina helped the clients with the application.


The dynamic trio had a soft makeup look, which could easily be transformed into a night out look, planned for that night, and I was so excited to see what look they would have the girls create. We used everything Trish McEvoy, which included serums, lotions, eye creams, foundation, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and even brushes. Neaves and Nina gave the funniest, but totally true analogy’s on how to move the makeup brushes to blend the eyeshadow colors, such as windshield wipers, make little c’s, and big c’s.

Leyla made me not want to apply my own makeup ever again, because not only did she make mine turn out amazing, but she made it so relaxing! Let’s be honest here, I get a little stressed when I’m doing my eyeliner, knowing that if I mess up at any time on it, I just messed up the whole eye, there’s no coming back from that. Leyla made it possible for me to have a worry free makeup experience, and I was so thankful for that!

I loved the feel of the Trish McEvoy line so much, that I couldn’t help but snag some foundation and highlighter of my own, and I have to say, I haven’t loved a foundation this much, in a long time! With me being a fashion and beauty blogger, I am always on the hunt for new makeup lines, and this has stolen my heart!


All the products that were used were Trish McEvoy’s line, which can be bought from the official Trish McEvoy website, or right in Kenwood Mall, at Nordstrom, where you can also book a makeup session in store with Nina or Leyla!

It’s safe to say these three wonderful women now their stuff! They know what makeup you should wear for a Tuesday afternoon filled with running errands, and what to wear when turning it into a night out look on the town. They know what every makeup brush is for, and what it does, and they know just how to make you feel like part of the team. I couldn’t be happier to of met these women, and spend a night talking about nothing but makeup!

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