Happy Fashion Week from Miami University Fashion and Design!

I want to give a big shout out to my awesome intern Juliana, who wrote this blog about Miami University Fashion Week! 

Monday, April 3, marked the kick off of Miami University Fashion Week hosted by Miami University Fashion and Design, a student run organization with over 200 members.

With an entire week dedicated to fashion, fun and free merchandise, students on campus look forward to seeing what MUF&D has planned each day. The nice weather allowed promo day to be an outdoor event. A table covered with delicious cookies (yes, there were ones shaped like shoes), laptop stickers and phone pockets grabbed the attention of those passing by.

If free cookies weren’t enough to make people stop, the excitement that filled the air as members gathered in MUF&D attire and shouted upcoming fashion show details sure did the trick. Metallic “M,” “U,” “F,” and “W” balloons danced in the wind along to the tunes that were being played. Not only was this eye catching, but also made for fantastic photo ops!

MUFW leads up to the most anticipated event of the year: MUF&D’s Annual Fashion Show! Since being founded in 2006, the fashion show has continued to grow each year. While celebrating their 10th year anniversary, the organization hit their record high of nearly 1,000 attendees at the show last year!

Tickets are now on sale for their biggest show yet. Click here to enjoy a night at Miami University Fashion and Design’s 11th Annual Fashion Show, April 8 at 7:30 p.m. held at Millett Hall.

MUFD 11th Annual Fashion Show Ticket Sale

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