8 ways to boost your confidence immediately!

Check out this super fun blog from my intern, Alexis, on eight ways you can boost your confidence – NOW!

1. Put on those jeans that fit

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There is absolutely nothing more uplifting than your favorite pair of jeans. You know, the ones that are skinny enough that your booty looks super cute but not so tight that your bladder is crushing. A good pair of jeans can be just as comfy as your leggings without the desire to pair it with your high-school boyfriend’s XXL t-shirt that you painted the house and rescued a dog with.

2. Listen to rap

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I promise, it’s scientifically proven! Make a playlist of your favorite rap songs; whether it’s Tupac or Iggy Azalea, that song with that kick-ass beat that you love being injected directly into your brain will have you walking like Tyra Banks.

3. Take a long shower

Image: Reader’s Digest

Hot showers themselves can already relax and rejuvenate yourself, but getting out with clean hair, shaven legs, and exfoliated skin that smells like berries can have you feeling like a whole new person.

4. Read inspiring mantras

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Having to always lift yourself up alone can be exhausting, but reading one-second blurbs from powerful women who want to lift you just as high isn’t. It’s a great pick-me-up and just as easy as scrolling through Twitter.

5. Call someone who loves you

Image: Simply Super Heroes

Nothing boosts an ego like someone who loves you. Whether it’s your dad, your nana, your cousin, or your partner, you know they will hype you up and give you every bit of strength and confidence you need to get through whatever it is you need to get through. Think about it, have you ever called someone who loves you that much and felt worse after it? Probably not.

6. Put on matte lipstick

Image: Livingly

We don’t wear makeup for men, we wear makeup for ourselves, but even then, there’s nothing more annoying than lipstick smudged all over your face. Matte lipstick gives you that bold statement you’re looking for without compromising your lip liner and keeps people mesmerized all day long.

7. Power Pose

Image: Susie’s Heartpath Blog

Power posing is the up-and-coming trend to boost confidence. Pick a pose, any pose, that makes you feel powerful – if you were on a billboard, what would it look like – and do that pose in the mirror for 30 seconds. Feel that feeling of power sweep over you and when you’re ready, go out and conquer the world.

8. Do something kind for someone else

Image: BlogLovin’

There’s always a sense of internal gratification that comes from doing something nice for someone else. It was unprecedented, unasked for, you just did it because you’re an awesome person. Whether you held the door open for the person behind you or bought a homeless person lunch, no one asked you to do it, you just did it out of the kindness of your heart. That’s pretty awesome, take the awesomeness through the rest of your day.

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