The Importance of Adventure

Thank you to my intern, Alexis, for writing this blog post! 

As necessary as things like stability and thinking before you act are, there is always one thing I will go to my grave saying is more important, and that is the adventure.

You’re only given one life, and the way you live it is up to you, but what is a life with no spontaneity? What are you doing if you never do anything just for the pure joy and excitement of it? Now that doesn’t mean I’m recommending you jet off to Australia and blow your life savings in a week, but I am suggesting that you get up, move around, don’t be scared. If you have nothing to do, and passes to Kings Island are only $20, even if it’s 6pm already, just go.

If you’re not the slightest bit hungry or think it’s in your budget to eat out but all your friends are going to the awesome new restaurant downtown, just go. Just think about the stories you’ll have to tell, the lessons you’ll be able to give from first-hand experience. You can’t learn from a life that’s not being lived.

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