Ain’t No Party like a Trendy Denim Party

Image: Sydne Style

The trends of denim are ever-changing. I’m talking like week by week, someone’s got new jeans on. Wide-leg, skinnies, mom jeans, distressed, jeggings, who can keep up with all of it? The good news – you don’t have to. While trendy jeans are a fool-proof way of turning any outfit up a notch, the right pair of jeans will never be out beat.

When the announcement surfaces to “throw out the old to make room for the new,” it can be hard deciding what’s really worth never seeing again. Let me tell you that pair of jeans that are your go-to, the ones that boost your confidence, are so comfy you could sleep in them and make you feel like a million bucks, I don’t care how ugly your 16 year old daughter tells you they are, keep them. Having good jeans is just, if not more, important than having trendy ones.

Plus, history always repeats itself, especially in fashion. You never know when those jeans will be back and better than ever.

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