Ten Thousand Villages Rug Event

This huge rug event is happening this week and next at the two different local Ten Thousand Villages locations — Harper’s Point and O’Bryonville — where they bring in close to 400 rugs. And these aren’t just any rugs. They are high-quality, fair trade, artisan made, hand-knotted rugs. These rugs truly make a difference for the artisans who make them so you can feel good knowing your purchase is empowering women, building schools and supporting village development.

These rugs are made from Dumba sheep – their wool is high in lanolin content, natural scotchguard

And the designs come in several different categories – Contemporary, traditional, tribal. You’ll find natural dyes, synthetic dyes, hand spun wool, and some machine spun. Whatever your style, you’ll find something you love here at this amazing rug event. But these special pieces are only here for a short time, so make sure you stop by soon!

Harper’s Point: Sept. 14-17

O’Bryonville: Sept. 20-24

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