Frugalista Friday: Fabulous Fall Finds

Lots of cute fall stuff here at even better prices. Everything from blazers and handbags, scarves, cute tops, and then also, hats, tons of infinity scarves. Plus, flannel, sweaters, dusters, booties. Oh my gosh! And speaking of shoes, walls and walls and walls of fabulous fall boots. I couldn’t believe how many boots I found. All different colors: brown, tan, black, gray, and then plus, they have great fall dresses and sweaters and they paired them together so cute. Really cute outerwear, vests, and even things for your fall and winter sports.

Ok here are some of the great things I found: these Hunter boots, yeah, they were only $48. And these pom pom Steve Madden’s, you won’t believe the price on these, $15.50, and I love the cut on these caged CATO heels. So cute, only $12. And then, these booties, great color, original tags from Nordstrom $79, only $16 at Clothes Mentor. Can’t go wrong with a little black dress, either, and this one’s from The Loft, and it’s only $16. And then the necklace that goes with it, that’s only $8 at Clothes Mentor. Then I loved this fall sweater, it’s got a great hi-lo hemline, it’s got the cut-out cold shoulders, original tags on it even, and at Clothes Mentor it’s only $10.50. Lots and lots of great denim, these have original tags on them, they’re Joe Jeans, and retail price $169, well, at Clothes Mentor only $28. Then, these gray denim, so fabulous. Calvin Klein, original tags on it, only $14.50. Then this sweater, love the fringe at the bottom of it, great cable knit design, $12. This denim top, in a babydoll silhouette, it’s got original tags on it from Altered State, but you’re going to find it for only $10.50. Cute necklace that goes with it, it is only $6.50. I love that they have plus-size at Clothes Mentor. This pair of great denim is only $12.25.

And they also put together different outfits for you and have them on display, so you can have grab-and-go outfits. I love this quilted vest, it’s got some gold embellishments. You’re going to find that for $18.50 at Clothes Mentor. The long-sleeve top that goes with it, $10. And then the gold necklace, you can wear this with a ton of things – dress it up, dress it down, $6.50. And the bag that they have with it, it’s a crossbody Michael Kors, in kind of a maroon color, only $85.

Lots of athletic wear and athleisure, like this outfit they put together. The pants are only $12. The Adidas shirt that goes underneath it, it is only $9.25. And then the Nike jacket, love all the zippers on it, $15. Plus tons and tons of outerwear at Clothes Mentor. Like this navy, lightweight jacket, paired it with a checked top. The top is only $10.25 and the jacket itself is only $13.50.

And I really love the color on this olive green, army-inspired color from Old Navy:$15.50. And I absolutely fell in love with this dress from J. Crew, it was only $17, and the matching necklace that goes with it, $6.50.

I ended up buying all of it and tons and tons of other stuff. Stocked up for fall, I did leave a few things for you though so you have to come and visit! There’s tons of locations all over town, see which one is closest to you at

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