Review: Arkadiance

A few months ago, I met Ami, a local woman who is the founder of Arkadiance. As a former P&Ger and med student, she’s a beauty industry guru and science geek, but she’s also fashionista. So she loves looking her best, and perfecting the science behind it.

That’s what led her to create Arkadiance, which sells “nutraceuticals,” such as Omega-3 capsules, probiotics and antioxidants, along with Skincare, body care, and a line of natural teas. It’s all designed to work together to make people like you and me feel better on the inside and look better on the outside.

At first, I thought this was a network marketing skincare company, but then I realized no, SHE created this business and formulated these products from SCRATCH. Over the past several years, Ami has collaborated with formulation scientists and labs that are all specialists in their fields to create the most potent formulas and ingredients for her products.

For me personally, after a few months of taking the Arkadiance rainbow antioxidants (which make sure you get all the nutrients of superfoods and come in this really cool container that keeps them separated and easy to take on-the-go) plus the omega-3 radiance capsules, and probiotics— while also using the facial cleanser, tonic and face cream — I feel like my hair, skin and nails just have an absolute glow to them, but I also truly FEEL better too.

A lifted mood, better sleep, more energy, and less nausea — not just because I’m pregnant — the fish oil horse pills I was taking before would always make me feel sick to my stomach. The Arkadiance omegas are smaller, no fishy aftertaste — they actually have a hint of lemon — even though they’re much smaller than the horse pills, they’re WAY more effective because it’s pharmaceutical-grade oil harvested from fish in the wide open Norwegian Sea instead of raised in unhealthy fish farms.

The Skincare is amazing too. I was nervous to try something new — especially the cleanser because it wasn’t the exfoliating kind of scrub I’m used to using. I didn’t think this would clean and slough off everything I needed it to. But it has a citrusy, surprisingly rich lather that cleans away all the dirt, make-up, and bacteria really well without being abrasive or stripping. And with its main ingredients being green and white tea, it not only leaves your skin super clean but also feeling nourished and refreshed.

Oh and the moisturizer is amazing. A lot of face creams have parabens, petroleum and a lot of gunk in them that give the illusion of hydration but the aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter easily absorb and don’t leave you greasy. Oh and the essential oils in it smell like a day at the spa, so that’s always a nice way to end the day.

But the best thing is knowing that I’m getting these great results because it’s truly nourishing my body from the inside out. Using the most pure and potent ingredients that give you real results that you can see and feel.

You buy directly through the website — they are not a networking marketing company — plus they do free shipping on all orders and offer a 100% product love guarantee with a full refund with returned products. Pretty impressive.

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