Chic Review: Guaranteed Rate

I met Ron Erdmann with Guaranteed Rate at a fundraiser a few months ago and he was SO nice. He invited me and my team to a rock ‘n’ roll themed event that he and his Guaranteed Rate team were hosting and it was a TON of fun. Just from the fact that a mortgage company would host an event like this to involve their team in the community, I knew they had to be different — in all the best ways.

At the event, I got to talking with Ron about what makes Guaranteed Rate so different and he said the model started from a simple premise: Simplify the process and bring the lowest rates, transparency and a high level of service to home buyers and those looking to refinance. Basically, putting the borrowers’ needs first and not the lenders.

To make it as cost-effective, quick and secure as possible, Guaranteed Rate leverages the top technology and talent to resolve what were some of the biggest issues in the mortgage process.

They have this “Mortgage Pod” model that surrounds each of our top-performing loan officers with his or her own team of highly-trained specialists, streamlining the process for customers. They also have real-time, online access to rates and information about all of their loan products. From the World’s First Digital Mortgage to their powerful Intuitive Loan Finder to their new Mobile App, these proprietary tools are designed to help you find the perfect mortgage for you anywhere at any time. Plus, they have a Transfersafe secure document transfer and storage system that allows customers to easily share financial documents digitally in a 100% secure environment, streamlining the process and eliminating time-wasting faxing and paper-pushing.

They promise every customer a low, low rate and full transparency on fees. And they work to ensure that every closing happens on time and with no surprises. I’ll definitely know who to contact when I’m in the market for a refi or buying a new home. And that’s something to keep in mind too… YOU as the customer can choose who you want to use. You don’t have to just go with who your realtor recommends or who you are already banking with!

To learn more about Ron and his team, see testimonials, apply for a digital mortgage from his site, or just see what today’s rates are, visit

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