Kendra Scott: A Lifestyle

This blog post was written by my intern Kate Byrd!

I have been hearing the name Kendra Scott get thrown around a lot lately and have even passed it in Kenwood and Liberty Towne Center before but, never went in before. So, when presented with the opportunity to go look at their new charm line I was delighted.

Approaching the store, I could see the vibrant yellow lettering they’re so known for from their boxes, as I walked in the space really impressed me. It’s classy, clean and sparkly reflecting perfectly the new charm line.

For those of you who are newbies to the Kendra Scott life this is how the charm collection works. First, you have the option to, “Choose your base,” this includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Then you “Choose the metal” of your base which include: gold, vintage gold, rose gold, rhodium and vintage silver. Then go crazy and customize your jewelry to your style with charms.

I dove right into the charm collection quickly identifying some favorites. A piece that caught my eye right away was the You Are Pure Magic– Magical Charm Set. It had a big stone, a long horn and a unicorn on it.

Something else that I thoroughly enjoyed about the Kendra Scott Charm Collection was that they have philanthropy charms. They even proudly displayed the You Do Good charms with the text, “50% of the proceeds of our philanthropic charms benefit impactful causes.” I love this aspect of the company a lot and 50% is a very significant amount to give back to the charity so, kudos to Kendra Scott.

If you’re really into the power of the Earth or astrology like me, then these charms will gravitate towards you. Their new line even has power stones, birthstones and zodiac coins, at a decent price I must add between $20-45.

Another one of my favorite charms there was the “evil eye” for any Real Housewives of Orange County fans out there!

If you’re looking for a more simplistic look, there’s even letters that you can customize your necklace with your initial or an initial of a loved one.

The collection overall just eeked of positivity and good vibes. There are tassels- so cute, keys, horseshoes, stones and simple yet beautifully designed charms.

I could really see the charms making a perfect gift or token of love for your special ones. I kept picking up different charms making a mental list of which ones will be a must have for my mom!

Schedule some time out of your day and go be charmed in person. Or you can visit their collection on


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