Essentials for Moving to New York City

Moving anywhere can cause a lot of stress and pose a few challenges. Since New York is a city that is so large and so different, millennials moving to the big city may have a few extra worries, and rightfully so. Here are a few essential things you will need to make your move to the Big Apple a piece of cake. 


1. Packing Cubes 


New York City apartments are comparable to shoeboxes. You might not have a ton of extra space in a budget apartment for storage. In the most fashionable city in the world, clothing is one thing New Yorkers don’t skimp out on. If you are a sharp dresser who doesn’t plan on downsizing your wardrobe, packing cubes are your best friend. Not only do they make moving and traveling a breeze, but you can also easily store clothing without worrying about dirt or damage. 


2. Smaller Furniture 


If you are moving from a house to a tiny New York apartment, be prepared to sell or store most of your furniture. It just isn’t going to fit. Depending on the dimensions of your apartment, some pieces may be too big and look awkward in your apartment. Smaller, “apartment-sized” pieces will likely make living in New York City much more comfortable. It will also make moving much easier. This is definitely a great time to update your taste in home decor and a very bad time to become attached to things. 


3. A Minimalist Mindset 


New York City will require an overall mindset shift, but one aspect of your mind that will need to change is how you view your stuff. As mentioned before, now is not the time to hold onto things. If you try to bring everything that you’ve owned since you were a baby with you to the Big Apple, you should expect to feel very cramped and uncomfortable very quickly. Store it or get rid of it! Think of your move as a fresh start. The less you bring with you, the easier it will be to decorate your new place in a way that matches your brand-new city lifestyle. 

4. A Knowledge of Budgeting 


It can be very easy to spend money in New York City. Vendors, shops, and restaurants at every turn will be vying for your attention and your hard-earned dollars. While it’s okay to splurge a little when you first move to the city, you are going to need to know how to budget effectively so you can afford everything each month. 


5. Loftey


Speaking of budgeting, one of the biggest expenses you have while living in New York City will be your rent. By apartment hunting through Loftey, you will be able to score your ideal pad at a below market rate, all at no additional charge to you and without the hidden fees. Loftey has significant expertise with Chelsea apartments; when starting your search consider narrowing down your options by neighborhood. It’s a valuable tool that will save you money, so you have more to spend on experiencing all that New York City has to offer.


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