Review: Laser Hair Removal at Wolf Medical 

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to laser hair removal, so I thought I’d share why I decided to go to Wolf Medical for mine in case it might help if you’re considering it, too!

1. First off, the owner, Dr. Bradley Wolf has been in practice since 1990 — now specializing in hair restoration and laser hair removal — so its safe to say that Wolf Medical knows hair with nearly 30 years experience! Definitely impressive.

2. Second thing that sealed the deal for me is that you buy per-session with them. Thats different than most other places offering laser hair removal, who lock their clients into a package with several sessions. Everyone needs a different number of sessions (like me with fair skin and dark hair may need fewer) or may need them at different times. Why pay for all those sessions up front when you can wait to see what you need and pay then pay at that time?

3. They have a ton of happy reviews and five-star ratings online. It’s a good sign I’d be a happy client, too! 

4. Theres no pressure when it comes to a consultation. You meet with a state-licensed professional, not a sales rep, who has your health, results and best interests in mind – not the sale. 

5. You dont just meet with any licensed professional when you come in for a consultation, you meet with THE licensed professional who will perform your procedure. So, you know that’s who will walk you through the process if you like them and feel comfortable with them.

6. Consultations are free, and if you choose to get the procedure, you can have your first session the same day as your consultation. 

7. Their technology is top-notch at Wolf Medical. They use the industry-standard workhorse laser: The Candela GentleLase Plus as well as the Alexandrite, which treats the widest range of skin types with the fewest number of treatments. Fewer treatments = less time and money I have to spend on it!

8. I really appreciated how transparent they are about pricing at Wolf Medical. All of their prices are listed on their website and Facebook page. All very affordable pay-as-you-go treatments, rather than requiring upfront payment that requires financing. Just as an example, my underarms were just $50 for a session!

HIGHLY recommend them. If you have any questions or want to book a consultation, contact Wolf Medical at 513-774-0400 or on their website.

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