Behind the Scenes: New Radio Show, The Style Edition

Jackie Neville has always been a go-getter. As the founder of Your Stylist, LLC she helps women feel and look great with her personal styling services. But she’s not stopping there. Neville is also the mind behind the iHeartRadio/55KRC Cincinnati show The Style Edition.

The Style Edition is a 30-minute radio show that airs on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am and touches on not just outside style, but on other aspects of our lives such as our own motivations and how we can become even better than we were yesterday. And since she’s all about meeting with, talking to, and showcasing inspirational women, Neville will host guests to talk about topics including self-improvement and developing, handling life challenges, how to be the best version of yourself, and ways to overcome roadblocks that keep you from becoming your best self, as well as other elements in life that affect our style and wardrobe choices.

Neville says that she landed her own show after appearing on another show produced by Joe Strecker, who found the subject matter she was speaking on to be super interesting.

“[I was speaking on] the topic of style not being only about what’s on the outside, but how style is actually a part of internal things happening in our lives, too,” she says. “So he mentioned I should have my own show, to which I laughed a little and said ‘yeah really!’”

Except Strecker wasn’t joking. Neville says that’s when she knew it was time to get serious about it.

Neville creates the content for her show and she has control over how each episode is done.

“It’s funny because I graduated from broadcasting school of 20 years ago and it’s all come full circle,” she says. “I love being on the microphone and engaging people, helping people, and sharing stories of inspiration.”

Neville has worked hard to make The Style Edition and extension of her business Your Stylist LLC, featuring some of her own clients, but also her sponsors, on the show including Aviatra Accelerators, HIME Wellness, and Vintage Market Days of Cincinnati-Dayton.

Your Stylist, LLC is an award-winning business that focuses on personal styling throughout the Tri-State. Neville works exclusively with women to help transform their lives through their wardrobes.

“Your Stylist is a full-service styling company where I offer style consultations and assessments, closet audits, personal shopping, and wardrobe consulting,” she says.

Neville also offers style seminars for groups of women and participates in a lot of women’s events and public speaking engagements.

“On the philanthropy side, I’m partnered with Dress for Success by donating clothes from my clients’ closets to help disadvantaged women – a cause very close to my heart for personal reasons,” she adds.

Neville says that working with women on style and offering personal styling services allows her to hear the stories of women around her and help them through big transformation processes.

“I hear their stories and so many of them have career moves, all the way from a new title to retirement, or marital status change, or they took a turn in their health, or for some, the aging process prompted them to make a change, or there’s a weight change, maybe some just recently had children while others have grandkids, others are simply realizing their style has evolved,” says Neville.

And through it all, she’s there to help.

The work she does through Your Stylist, LLC and The Style Edition will work together to offer style advice for women while also touching on topics surrounding self-image.

“The show has a theme of how to be the best version of yourself through your wardrobe and beyond – talking about common challenges and mistakes, and many solutions will be discussed,” she adds. “It will include real stories of transformations from my own clients, so listeners can relate and know that stylists are not just for celebrities. I work with real women who have careers, responsibilities, families, and just super busy lives.”

In addition to sponsors and clients of her own, Neville will also feature local business owners that work on helping to improve the lives of others including health coaches, wellness centers, career coaches, public speakers, dermatology and cosmetic clinics, spa and salon owners, and other organizations that aim to empower others.

Not a morning person but don’t want to miss the show? No worries! The Style Edition is available through the Your Stylist LLC website,, and other listening platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

You can also listen to her most recent show here.

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