National Pasta Day October 17!

It’s National Pasta Day Thursday Oct 17 and we celebrated a little early (we’re Italian so every day is pasta day TBH ?) We headed to Bravo to check out their new Mediterranean menu and it was SO good (More details below about it). And now that I’m a mom, I’m a lot choosier about not just eating good food, it has to be good for you (I’m such a sneaky chef sneaking veggies in where ever I can these days!) and I also care about the world we’re leaving our kids. I recently read about Bravo’s new Good Food for The Planet™ Initiative, and it checks all those off the list for me. Plus they have this gooey warm chocolate cake dessert that I have dreams about, so we find ourselves at Bravo often!

Bravo restaurants just rolled out an awesome new Mediterranean-inspired menu at its Cincinnati locations including Rookwood Exchange, Mason and Westchester. 

Some of the new menu items include a new Alfredo Fresco line including Fettucine Alfredo, Primavera Alfredo and Shrimp Alfredo along with Shrimp and Lobster Fettucine. The dishes, made from simple ingredients, utilize fresh handpicked produce and Italian herbs.  

Plus, FoodFirst Global Restaurants, Inc., the newly formed restaurant company and parent company of Bravo Cucina Italiana, has a mission to provide Good Food for The Planet™ and this new menu is a step forward in that movement. 

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