Queen Bee Half!

Amy and Iris Simpson-Bush, executive director of Queen Bee Half and Flying Pig Marathon

“Remember when you thought you couldn’t do this?” I read that on a spectator sign at this year’s Queen Bee Half Marathon and I immediately teared up. Yes, I do remember. Lola was 9 months old, Pete was recovering from hip and knee replacements, and I was at my unhealthiest (emotionally and physically – about 30lbs heavier than I am now and hadn’t exercised in over a year). I hadn’t showered in days, I was backlogged with work, bills, insurance/disability paperwork. Finding time to run with all this? “IT‘S TIME TO FIND THE TIME,” I thought and signed up for a half marathon on the spot. I went to the gym almost every day, progressed really well and felt healthier than ever. I was about halfway into training when I found out I was pregnant with Sofia (I still did the half marathon, just walking). Fast forward to Nico coming along a year and a half later… I’m rocking our third (!!!) kiddo to sleep this spring, thinking how I need to carve out some time for myself because I was pouring from an empty cup, so I signed up for the Queen Bee Half. A month later, the storm hit our house and we’ve been displaced to a hotel since. I don’t have my country roads and favorite running routes around our hotel, so I had to do a lot of “dreadmill” runs. I honestly opted out of some training because I couldn’t bring myself to hamster wheel it for two hours. I felt so unprepared and incapable right before this race, I almost bailed. But running and training always teaches me so much. I knew just showing up would be a reminder that I will show up for what is important to me no matter what gets in my way. My goal when I initially signed up was to run it in 2:30, but I had lost hope for that when I laced up yesterday. Once I started running, though, a fire burned inside me and that sign around mile 10 just IGNITED it. “Push” I thought. Push past the pain, the hurdles, your comfort zone, and reach that goal you had when you started! I BEAT my goal by four minutes, finishing in 2:26. I know it’s not record-breaking, but it’s a big deal for me. I’m so thankful to be able to run again, to learn these big life lessons with each race. Because, yes, I remember when I didn’t think it was possible. ?

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