Chic Review: Ahimsa

Make a resolution for less plastic in the new year? See why we’re loving this super chic, mom/pediatrician-approved, stainless steel dinnerware by Ahimsa!

Developed by a board-certified pediatrician mom, Ahimsa was created when the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a report in 2018 discussing ways families can limit exposure to certain chemicals at mealtime. Dr. Mantravadi and her parents are from India, where stainless steel dishes have been routinely used at the dinner table for generations. When grandchildren entered the universe, Grandma was on a mission: replace all plastic at the dining table with traditional stainless steel dinnerware that they themselves had used for decades.

My kids (5, 3, 1.5) all love them because they’re really pretty — they come in two different colors, rainbow and an iridescent blue. Don’t worry about the color peeling off — they use a special process that allows the colors to naturally occur within the metal. I love them because it’s less plastic around the kids, they’re easy to clean (no staining from that spaghetti sauce, holding on to food smells, or taking forever to dry like plastic), dishwasher safe, and no worries of breaking or chipping (like if we gave them our “real” plates to eat on).

They have regular sets that include a plate (with a three-part divider, which I love because it always reminds me of portioning and to fill each spot with different colorful options), bowl, fork, spoon and cup. They also have an infant set that includes a bowl, smaller spoon and smaller cup. I believe they’re coming up with separates too.

Keep watching my review video and visit to learn more or order yours!

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