Clothes Mentor Review: Cleaning Our Your Closet

If you need to clean out those closets and make room for new, Clothes Mentor is THE place to bring it.

They pay cash on the spot, 7 days a week, and the wait time is usually 20 minutes or less. They carry sizes 0-26, maternity, petites, business and casual, so they look to buy a wide range.

The first step is to clear out your closet:

If you haven’t worn it in 6-12 months, you probably aren’t going to wear it again, so make it time to sell! Make sure all items are clean and in good condition, and current styles — think things you’ve seen in stores within the last few years.

Then bring it in!

Bring your items in a laundry basket or storage bin. The they register your items with your ID, so make sure you bring it. One you’re checked in, you can either stay and shop or leave and come back — they text you when your items are done being assessed. I love that you never need an appointment to bring items in and they buy EVERY DAY.

I stayed and shopped while they reviewed my items. It only took them 15 minutes and they offered me $300 for the items they wanted to purchase! You can take back the items that they didn’t buy from you, or Clothes Mentor will donate them to Matthew 25: Ministries for you if you’d like!

To learn more and see which of their area locations are closest to you, visit!

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