Chic Review: Watson’s

Boy am I glad it’s 2020! For the last half of 2019, our family of five lived in a hotel room for six months while our home got rebuilt from a bad wind storm where two trees fell on our house. Luckily everyone made it out ok (which is amazing since we were all home when it hit), but it decimated our roof and pretty much everything in it. We had to replace pretty much all our furniture, but with three little ones and our busy schedule, we didn’t have much time to shop.

I knew Watson’s had a huge, brand-new showroom with everything we could need for indoor furniture, rugs and decor, plus everything outdoor. So we got a sitter and in one afternoon we found everything we needed for the house.

Their staff was incredible about listening to all the rooms we needed items for, they looked through pictures of our space and Pinterest boards of items we liked to get a feel for our style, and then made recommendations for us. We loved their suggestions, and then we were able to customize it to our space and needs (we swapped the fabric it came with for a pre-treated, kid-friendly fabric and flipped the layout of our couch — it was no extra cost to customize those things, by the way). We had a very small window between when our contractors would be done with the house (when things could be on our new floors again) and when we were moving back in (when we’d need all our furniture). They went out of their way to make sure everything was made-to-order just right, and delivered right on time.

It seriously couldn’t have been a better experience. We are SO happy with the furniture we got, and we can’t wait to go back and pick out everything we need for outside once warmer weather arrives! I highly recommend you check out Watson’s new showroom in Sharonville if you’re in the market for anything home-related (or if you just love decor ideas!). They’re definitely not just pools, spas and pool tables any more! They had so many great furniture/decor options to choose from, and even better, their staff made what could have been a time-consuming, stressful, overwhelming process SO easy for us that we can’t wait to come back!

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