Goldfish Jump Start Clinics

In addition to weekly swim lessons, Goldfish Swim School also offers Jump Start Clinics. This is their version of swim camp! Jump Start Clinics are five consecutive days of 30-minute swim lessons that focus on everything from the fundamentals of water safety to fine-tuning stroke technique. Students continually build upon what they’ve learned the day before and can make an entire month of progress in one week.

If your child is struggling with a particular skill or really wanting to move to the next class level, a Jump Start Clinic can be just the thing they need! When the kids can work on a specific skill for five days in a row — they always see progress!

These Jump Start Clinics are specially designed for families looking to get water-ready in a hurry. It’s a great way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of water safety, take full advantage of school vacations and get peace-of-mind before a water-centric vacation! 
Also, if you are not enrolled in weekly lessons during the spring or summer months, a Jump Start Clinic is a great way to make sure that your child gets some practice in so they don’t regress and lose critical skills. 

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