Spend with Cincinnati: Blue Manatee Literacy Project and Bookstore

Once upon a time at Blue Manatee Literacy Project and Bookstore {@bluemanateebooks}, books made everything better and we lived happily ever after. The End. ? ? ? “We’re a local non-profit run out of an independent bookstore with a buy-one-give-one model–every book purchased with us, we donate one to a child in Cincinnati. And that’s every book–so adults can buy their books with us, and we still can donate a children’s book to a child in need. All of our events have been cancelled until further notice, and our already tiny staff is even smaller for the next few months. We aren’t able to service the community as much during the Coronavirus outbreak, and we’d simply love to. The retail space in Oakley remains open for now, and our online shop is open as well. We also accept donations on the website instead of book purchases if people would prefer to do that. We’re also providing Instagram Live Storytimes every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am in place of the in-store Storytimes! Our online shop is open too at bluemanatee.org, and all the books you order will be sent directly to your house if you don’t feel safe coming into the store. We have an online discount for people who need books during these weeks. They can use the code STAYHEALTHY and get 20% off for online orders with this code!” – Michael Woodson, Marketing manager for Blue Manatee Literacy Project •

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