Spend with Cincinnati: McHarper Manor

Ohio parents are now struggling with the balance of entertaining/educating their kids for the next few weeks and @mcharpermanor is launching a new program to keep your kids busy, creative, happy and (hopefully) not tearing your house completely apart. ? Great idea, and good luck to all the parents out there! Any other ideas you have to help parents keep their kiddos busy these next few weeks? Comment below!
#Repost: The next few weeks are going to be a challenge. It’s going to be hard on kids being away from school. It’s going to be a challenge and huge change for working parents, and even the caregivers home with these little ones during the day – unsure what’s safe to participate in during the break.
We have a heart for our community, our kids, and our families. We want to help! Here’s what we’re going to do:
Beginning next week, our studio will be going live daily on our Facebook page with free art & craft tutorials to create at home with your kids! We’ll have shopping lists (with links to the supplies you can order from Amazon) to have on-hand to complete the projects with us! We hope this helps the parents, grandparents, nannies, and in home providers to still have something fun to do with these little guys, and something exciting to look forward to during a time that can be quite overwhelming for kids. Art is therapy, friends! And if there was ever a time for it, it’s now! .
Stay tuned and be sure to go to our website and hop on our email list – as more info will be available as soon as we can compile it! .
We can’t wait to make some fun stuff with you guys over the next few weeks!

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