Spend With Cincinnati: The Most Beautiful Thing In the World Is

Still looking for a mask and good cause to donate too? @tmbtitwi has paired up with the American mask project to bring you this huddle of face masks and other goodies! 
buy good, do good | we’re working with #americanmaskproject who are making masks to keep otherwise out-of-work factory employees, employed. we are offering a bundle of black masks (that cover nose to chin as per CDC guidelines) @wandpdesign craft cocktail mixes, @boy__smells kush candles and @life.elements 200 mg CBD bath bombs. all products are in stock and shipping asap. 20% of proceeds will go back to American Mask Project?link in bio. buy one for yourself ? or buy one for a friend ♥️ who needs a pick-me-up ♥️ free shipping ?

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