#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Enjoli Betts, Chic Life

#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Meet Enjoli Betts, Founder of @getchiclife.

What do you want heard?
Enjoli: There’s so many things I can say. But I want to encourage all humans to lead with EMPATHY especially in this movement of #blacklivesmatter!!! Empathy is simply the feeling or act of sympathy towards another w/o having shared the same experience. You know, putting yourself in that persons place. We don’t need you to feel “sorry”. We just need the effort of understanding and support. Can you imagine being apart of people who are STILL fighting in certain ways to be treated EQUALLY? Can you imagine being apart of a people who feel like their lives don’t matter to the majority? When you were growing up, did your parents have to teach you that people would look at you different because of the color of your skin? Did they teach you that you’d have to work twice as hard to make it because they’re aren’t a lot of opportunities for YOUR kind? Did they tell you, you’d have to water down your personality or talk a certain way, or not wear your NATURAL hair in the NATURAL way it grows because it’s not visibly appealing to THOSE people? Probably not. But I remember those conversations and so do a lot of my friends. We want to live freely as everyone else. We don’t want “race” to be an issue anymore either. But let’s not act like CIVIL rights, Jim Crow, wasn’t a thing, that my people were killed LEGALLY not because they committed a crime, but because they were black, and history continues to repeat itself. So keep please keep that in mind.

What do you want others to know about your story?
Enjoli: Personally: I’m a newly married lady with a teenage daughter (lord help me lol) . I’m the owner of the brand Chic Life. It’s a brand that promotes wearing your beauty from the inside out. Before now, I was a single mom who struggled with life. I lost myself in trying to be the best mom, and everything to everyone. Chic Life was birthed from my being fed up with being unfulfilled as a person. I matter. My heart, pain, emotions MATTER. I went through my journey of strengthening my relationship with God and allowing him to heal those hidden places. Now I use my experiences to inspire and encourage any woman no matter your color, class, status etc that your heart matters and we want your beauty to shine from within!

How can we support you right now?
Enjoli: You definitely can support my brand! Follow me on social media! Purchase an item on my website getchiclife.com. Also support the BLM movement. My people are hurting right now!
As a publication, we realize the importance and responsibility of having a voice and we want to lend that to those in the community who need it now more than ever. We started by reaching out to our friends with black-owned business to offer this platform for sharing what’s on their hearts and learn what steps we can take for a better tomorrow. Those will be posted throughout the day and rest of this week as we receive more. Want to be featured? Message us with a photo and your responses to Q&A: 1) What do you want heard? 2) What do you want known? 3) What do you want supported? Much love from everyone here at Team Chic.

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