#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Jennifer Sanger of Jamison & Bexley

#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Meet Jennifer Sanger, Founder of online children’s clothing store, @jamisonandbexley.

What do you want others to know about you and your story?
Jennifer: My parents moved from Africa to the United States before I was born. They didn’t know what racism was because in Africa, everyone was black. They moved to a small town where the majority – like 95% – of the population was white. I was called the “N” word when I was in Kindergarten by a “friend.” I had rocks thrown at me at the bus stop in second grade. I had a half-empty beer can thrown at me by a truck driving by and screamed at when I was walking home from the corner store in the fourth grade. Looking back, there was so much that had already happened in my life before I even left elementary school. I tried, and still try, to ignore it and be the best version of myself, but it’s hard and it’s tiring. People still judge me based on the color of my skin, well before they even get to know me. If they ask, they would know that I have a bachelor’s degree in Fashion & Retail Management. I have a successful small business (named Jamison & Bexley after my two children) and I’ve previously owned a women’s wear clothing line. I have produced more than 10 fashion shows in my career. I have two beautiful kids and a loving husband. If you got to know me, you would probably think I’m the funniest person you have ever met, and you’d want to buy me a drink just so you can hang out with me a little bit longer.

How can we support you right now?
Jennifer: Support my business – Jamison & Bexley. Another way to support me is if you see me out in public, say hi to me. Introduce yourself, don’t be afraid of me. Lastly, if you see me on the street and I’m pulled over by a cop and I look terrified, stay with me to make sure I make it home to my babies. I may not verbally say I’m scared and I need help, but know deep inside I am terrified and don’t want to be alone.

You can support Jennifer and Jamison & Bexley on Facebook, Instagram, and at https://jamisonandbexley.com.

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