#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Meet Starr Hamilton and Ethel Bonner, Co-owners of Details2Decor Event Planning

#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Meet Starr Hamilton and Ethel Bonner, Co-owners of Details2Decor Event Planning.

What do you want heard? 
We are two phenomenal women. Our collective voices and talents bring about actions that are God fearing, educated, and empowering. The color of our skin should never be a factor in determining whether we will be treated equally with respect and support, but here we are in 2020 embarking on a worldwide Black Lives Matter Movement. However, to see such a diverse group of people be a part of the Movement is giving us a hope that we’ve never felt. We know that changes will only happen when we stop unacceptable behaviors, begin to have uncomfortable conversations with those that don’t look like us, and boldly remove injustices.

What do you want known? 
We are Details2Decor. For 12 years, we have been providing event planning services for social and corporate events with a mission to empower, entertain, and educate. We draw support and strength from each other and always push each other to do better and be better. We always knew our mission as business partners would extend beyond general event planning. We wanted to create a unique signature event and decided to create a series of Phenomenal Women Empowerment Sessions to support, inspire, and honor women professionally and personally, and include open dialogue. For our inaugural session in 2018, we honored phenomenal game changers–those who have broken down barriers, overcame obstacles with style and grace, and made their voice/opinions heard. In 2019, we honored women with Soul Power—those who use their power to strengthen and empower others. Perhaps our journey is moving in the right direction, as we are witnessing some phenomenal game changers and soul power now across this country. 

What do you want supported? 
Contact us at www.details2decor.com, or @details2decor on social media. As event planners, we want the event industry, brands, and decision makers to support black event professionals. As we rebrand, leverage our skills, and build our own table, we have been fortunate to connect with a collective group of black event professionals and dedicated platforms. We’ve learned and agree with these platforms and encourage our counter-parts and colleagues in the event industry to show support and help broaden our base in the following ways: 

Hire black event professionals to produce your “main stream” events.
* Create equal opportunity. Include us as strategic partners when bidding or responding to RFP’s, especially for black events.
* Normalize black creatives in the event industry. Invite us to publish our work in your magazines and online media platforms.
* Normalize hiring black leads as co-executive producing partners, not just consultants or sub-contractors.
* There are numerous black vendors and suppliers. Hire them. 
* Be intentional about inclusivity. We want representation in all areas of the event industry. It is not enough to have just one black person in the room.
* Include us on your platforms, panels, educational platforms, and as contributors, and not just when faced with racial disparities.
* Hire us to be a part of your creative teams.
* Don’t use our culture for your financial gain. Use our culture as influence in this country.
* Give us credit. Don’t wipe out or discredit our contributions to the event industry.
As a publication, we realize the importance and responsibility of having a voice and we want to lend that to those in the community who need it now more than ever. We started by reaching out to our friends with black-owned business to offer this platform for sharing what’s on their hearts and learn what steps we can take for a better tomorrow. Those will be posted throughout the day and rest of this week as we receive more. Want to be featured? Message us with a photo and your responses to Q&A: 1) What do you want heard? 2) What do you want known? 3) What do you want supported? Much love from everyone here at Team Chic.

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