#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Shelby Pressley, Shelby Speaks

#AmplifyMelanatedVoices: Meet Shelby Pressley, @honeybee1018, Creator of Shelby Speaks.

What do you want heard? 
I want my voice to be heard! It’s a mighty one! Black voices and opinions matter.

What do you want known?
My name is Shelby Pressley and I’m the creator of Shelby Speaks. I work with young girls and women on finding their inner DOPENESS! I created a full curriculum last year that I teach to middle school girls that aids them in transitioning into their freshman year of high school. I’d like people to know that I was born and raised here in Cincinnati, OH and that as a black woman I draw strength from hearing other Black stories. I want known that I’m on a journey just like everyone else. No one has it all figured out, but it’s dope when we work together to try to.

What do you want supported?
I’d love for people to support me and my calling to help young girls in this city! Support me not just because I’m a black woman. Support me because you know that this black woman has important gifts to share with the world. —-
As a publication, we realize the importance and responsibility of having a voice and we want to lend that to those in the community who need it now more than ever. We started by reaching out to our friends with black-owned business to offer this platform for sharing what’s on their hearts and learn what steps we can take for a better tomorrow. Those will be posted throughout the day and rest of this week as we receive more. Want to be featured? Message us with a photo and your responses to Q&A: 1) What do you want heard? 2) What do you want known? 3) What do you want supported? Much love from everyone here at Team Chic.

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