Living Room Musicals with The Children’s Theatre

I signed my two daughters up for the Living Room Musicals series with The Children’s Theatre and I’m SO glad I did!

My girls are six and almost four. I was worried that it might be a little too advanced for the youngest but she’s really into it (like re-watch it every day into it). She actually sat down at the piano the other day all by herself after re-watching for the millionth time and started playing it like the instructor did during one of the vocal lessons.

The Living Room Musical lessons aren’t just boring videos, either. They’re engaging with cartoons or funny things that pop in and makes the kids laugh, which helps them have fun and remember it better. And I love that the choreography gets them up, moving and becoming aware of all the amazing things their little bodies can do!

Here are more details on the Living Room Musicals:

Living Room Musicals, 4 videos total, delivered bi-weekly, allowing flexibility for when the student attends class. In this course, students will be taught the fundamentals of musical theatre from the comfort of their own home. Each video will include 30-seconds of a song to learn, a 30- second dance combination, monologue and a printable activity. Registration is now open for TCT Academy’s fall classes, starting the week of September 8th.For more information on TCT Academy, visit

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