Chic Review: Fitopia

What I love about Fitopia is that it helps you lose weight and tone muscles faster than you could do on your own, but still in a distanced, private setting. In only 20min, you get the equivalent of a 90min workout with 1130 calories burned in each session over 48 hours because it engages so many muscles, and on a deeper level, with Electrical Muscle Stimulation – or EMS. 

They track all your settings and progress on a memory card so it’s all personalized and recorded for you. You walk in, get suited up, your trainer has a workout all planned for you (no thinking or tracking needed). You’re  in and out in 30 min total. 

You can set your appointment online, and I love that it just gets scheduled into my day like everything else. It keeps me so much more accountable than trying to get myself to workout at home. And I see all types of people there – age, ability, fitness level – from busy moms and professionals to athletes. 

Fitopia workouts range from no-impact to high impact.  It’s easy on the joint so anyone – elderly, or athlete recovering from injury – can work out without impacting joints. And they clean every equipment after each client (with alcohol wipes and sprays) to disinfect from viruses and bacteria.

I also love that clean workout clothes are provided with each session so you don’t have to worry about packing a gym bag, but they have showers there if you need one. 

As for the EMS workouts, not only does it help you lose weight, but there’s a bunch of other side benefits too. It helps you get stronger, improves your form and posture, eliminates back pain, strengthens pelvic floor, and help with symmetric muscle growth. 

I’ve been going to Fitopia for a month now, once or twice a week, and I’m already seeing big results. HIGHLY recommended. They do one free week for anyone interested in trying it out. Go to to learn more!

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