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Ask Amy: Does the no!no! Work?


A friend posted this question on my Facebook page, so I’m sharing it as an “Ask Amy” post, which I like to do when people email or message me on social media. Feel free to contact me – info is in the column to your right – if you have a question you’d like to ask!

Lora B. asked: so, I have a burning question you may know the answer to!! Do you know anything about the no!no!, and if you do, what do you know? i’m on the purchase fence….

My response: Funny you should ask! I actually tried it about a year ago, and to be honest I’d only recommend it if you’re removing fine hair (like peach fuzz). It didn’t work on any hair that was remotely coarse. Later, I talked with my friend at Sephora (where I got mine) and she said they stopped carrying them there because they got so many returns and complaints. So, my advice would be to just say “no” to no!no! and go get laser hair removal instead.

Hope that helps!


Common Sense Parenting Classes

We just had our “School’s Back, Mom Relax” event last week, and a lot of the moms I talked with were experiencing some serious back-to school-stresses. They’re dealing with a whirlwind of new schedules, friends, and challenges – for the children and parents.

I told the moms that they should check out The Children’s Home of Cincinnati. They are now offering new Parent Consultation services featuring Common Sense Parenting® curriculum. Parents can enroll in a six week series coming up this fall, starting Sept. 12, which will help parents learn how to:

  • avoid power struggles and better control emotions
  • balance discipline with affection and give positive attention
  • prevent negative behaviors

The cost for each series is $325, which includes the six classes, course materials, and a copy of the “Common Sense Parenting” book. They even offer childcare if you need it. If you’d like to learn more about the series, or to register, email Jennifer Powers at or call 513-272-2800 x3626. Should you be interested in more one-on-one specialized services, they also offer individual parent consultation at your home, on campus or over the phone for an hourly rate.

I first found out about the The Children’s Home of Cincinnati through my work with Star64. We did a shoot there where I got to meet faculty, students and their families. It was such an eye-opening experience for me to see how The Children’s Home of Cincinnati was truly making a difference for the kids and bringing peace to their families.

One of the stats that stuck with me the most from the shoot is that 100% of parents who have experienced group consultation thus far would recommend it to another family – that’s pretty impressive! To learn more about The Children’s Home of Cincinnati, go to

Winter Wear for Urban Adventures

I got an email from a lady who lives downtown and often walks to appointments. She’s originally from the West Coast, so she needs help with what to wear to weather the Midwest’s Mother Nature. Here’s what she wrote…

Dear Amy & CincyChic clan—

I loved your fashion suggestions for Julie, who will be running around Europe soon. I need some help too!

I’m a recent transplant to Cincinnati. Coming from the warm West Coast,  I’m completely unprepared for this cold weather.  Mostly, I work out of my home and can wear casual clothes. But my biggest problem is when I have a meeting—what do I wear? I mean, from head to toe—I can’t figure out how to dress professionally (not suits) in this cold! What kind of shoes do people wear?

Then when I am wearing casual clothes, I live in OTR so I walk around a lot. What do I wear to stay warm, but not roast once I arrive at my destination?

HELP! I really appreciate the tips you gave to Julie, but I need a bit more info for those of us who have never even considered being fashionable in this weather. Thanks so much!


So, Drew and I brainstormed and came up with a few more ideas. Check out the video below!


Ask Amy: Dressing Up a Drab Navy Cardigan

This must be a big week for inquiring minds! I got another email from a reader. Earlier in the week, Julie asked for some winter wardrobe tips, and today’s is from Linda and she writes…

I bought a lovely J Crew Navy argyle wool cardigan for a fabulous price at the 4th street resale shop. However, I can’t find any pants that I think would look good with it other than jeans or khakis, and I’d like to wear it to the office.

I think the black pants make it look like i’m color blind and grey….well, it just doesn’t look right. Should I just save it for more casual days and not work?

Thank you!

So, Drew Ross, my style savvy intern, and I teamed up yet again in the video below to offer our cardi-crisis advice to this damsel in distress!


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Ask Amy: Winter Wardrobe Tips

I got an email last week from a reader who needed some advice about what to wear on a trip she’s taking to Europe. Here’s the email I received…

I have a problem. Every time I go to europe, I feel like a frump.  I’m trying to figure out what to add to my wardrobe to make me feel slightly less frumpy.  I bought some knee-high, flat-ish boots yesterday as I’ve learned that high heeled boots + European streets = ow.  I have, of course, jeans (which I plan to tuck into said boots).  I also have very cute, comfortable ankle boots, a cute cloche, and a sequinny beret.  I’ll be wearing a coat that I’m going to have shortened a tad.  I’m guessing I’ll be in shades of black, grey, and maroon all around.

So, what should I be focusing on?  I’m a little afraid to do the tunics + leggings thing because of my, erm, assets.  I don’t know how many skirts I want to wear because it’s so cold (unless I do the layered stocking thing which I would do).  And since my boots were kind of pricey, I’m looking to not spend a lot.  Help!

She doesn’t want to look like your typical American schlumpadinka in tennis shoes and sweat pants. But it’s going to be cold, and she’s going to be walking a lot, so she doesn’t want to be uncomfortable, either.

I can completely understand that. It’s tough to look fashionable in frigid weather. But with all the pictures taken on a trip like this, you want to look halfway decent in those snapshots hanging around your house for the rest of your life. Plus, you’re roaming around in some of the most fashion-forward cities in the world, so a fanny pack and Nikes are going to put a huge bullseye on your back for tourist-targeting trouble makers.

So, my intern Drew Ross and I sat down and brainstormed some ideas in the below webcast. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that sweater dresses are great for travel. They’re fashionable, you can dress them up or down, and they give you even more warmth and coverage than a regular sweater. The rest of our tips are in the video. Check it out! Thanks to Johnny Depp for making a cameo in our video! haha! : )


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A “Fashionable Tie” to a Good Cause

I just got an email from a friend and I thought I’d share … it’s a good cause! And there’s a “fashionable tie” to the cause… literally! : )

Here’s the gist: Make a $57 dollar pledge on December 17 to WVXU and get a Dhani Jones bow tie and that tax deductible donation will help support WVXU. Also, all who pledge/call in to the station on December 17 will be entered to win an iPad.

Here’s the email I got so you can get all the details and share it with your friends!

On December 17, WVXU will be having a one-day fund drive in order to prevent any funding shortfall for 2010. And as with any fund drive, there are incredibly cool, community-rooted, just in time for the holidays, incentives.

The one incentive we think will be a social *spark* is the custom-designed Dhani Jones bow tie. There will only be 200 of these available for the one day drive and they are a true exclusive. A $57 dollar pledge gets you the tie … and will help a great radio station continue to keep Cincinnati connected to a world of ideas. And yes, it is tax deductible and will be sent out on December 18.

And here’s how you can help (again, only if you want to) … simply ‘like’ 917 WVXU on Facebook and/or follow @917WVXU on Twitter. As we post information re: this incentive prior to December 17, we’d love it if you could help get the buzz rolling with a few shares, re-posts, RTs, etc. Again, it is a Cincinnati exclusive and it will help to bring awareness not only to the station but also to Dhani’s Bow Tie Cafe in Mt. Adams … an effort developed to give people a place to gather and converse/collaborate about issues that matter and develop working solutions that benefit the community.

In addition to the tie, there are other thank you gifts that give back to the community (feeding hungry children) and tickle the ear drums (a fantastic Cincinnati-only Christmas guitar CD called “Ring.”) Also, all who pledge/call in to the station on December 17 will be entered to win an iPad.

And in case you were curious, here’s a great video about how to tie a bowtie… with instruction given by Mr. Dhani Jones himself.


Ask Amy: Know of a Fits-All-Sizes Stylist?

I got this email from a reader recently and I thought I’d share my response to help anyone else who might be looking for something similar…

I have a cousin who is flying in from D.C. Nov 11th.  Her goal, to learn to look and act more like a girl – rather a woman.  She’s asked me to help her learn to dress, to apply makeup, to style her beautiful hair, etc.  Problem is, I’m not a fashionista myself.  Her figure proves challenging to find a flattering fit and I need help.  Do you have a contact that I can have her meet with?  Someone that is great with dressing all sizes?  I’d appreciate any help!  Thanks!!
– Tami

Hi Tami!
Thanks for writing in!
I have a few style experts I’d like to recommend to you:
Amy Fessler <>
Kristie Sheanshang <>
Nancy Dawson <>

Amy owns Soho Boutique in Hyde Park and also does personal styling/shopping for clients.

Kristie is a personal style consultant and here’s her website to learn more

And Nancy is a local makeup artist who can meet with your friend and help her learn the techniques and products that are best for her.


Ask Amy: Good Stylists in NKY

Got an email last week from someone asking if I could recommend a Northern Kentucky-based stylist. Thought it would be a good Q&A to share as an “Ask Amy” post. Feel free to share in the comments section below if you have a stylist to recommend in any of the areas Carey asked about. PS: I love that she called me “Queen of all that is Chic!” … Can I legally change my name to that? That would be awesome. Almost as awesome as Princess Consuela Bananahammock.


Dear Queen of all that is Chic!
Morning! Need your help! Did you have a recommendation for someone who does great (relatively inexpensive) hair color in NKY.  More specifically the Bellevue/Ft. Thomas/Newport/Covington area?
Thanks much!

Hi Carey!

The person I go to is in Florence. Her name is Leslee Biddle and she works at Uniquely Senise. Here’s the number there: 859-282-6555 She’s one of the best (and most affordable) stylists I’ve ever met!

I’ve been going to her for several years, so I can’t speak on a personal level to the following, but I’ve heard they’re good too:

  • Sue Beck at Salon Beck Downtown. Here’s a story we did about Sue at Salon Beck and some unique color offerings (and express treatments they do): Also, my friend Chris goes to Samantha there and says she is great.
  • I’ve also heard good things about Sableux Salon, which is right next to the Crestview Hills Mall. At Red, Pink and Blue, they did the hair for all the models and gave free cuts to all the attendees. My friend Lauren just went to a stylist named KC there. Lauren said it’s the best job anyone has ever done on her hair! I’ve had several other people say reeeeally good things about other stylists at Sableux too. My contact there doesn’t do hair, but if you email her, she’ll be able to tell you who’s good, if you explain your hair type/the look you’re going for: Kelley Oehler <>

Those are really the only four stylists in the areas you’re looking in that I’d feel comfortable recommending. Hope this helps!


Ask Amy: Oakley Shopping Spots?

This “Ask Amy” idea is catching on… got another good one. YAY!


I love reading your newsletters-they make me feel hip!!
My eighteen year old daughter and I venturing out from Mason tomorrow and would like to find some cool shops in Oakley.  Any recommendations?


Hi Lisa,
Glad to hear you’re a Cincy Chic fan! I’m also glad to hear you’re going to venture out of Mason and into Oakley. There are a lot of great places to check out there!

Here are my favorites (in order of preference):

Nest Gifts
(nic-nacks and super cute unique gifts)
3184 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Red Tree
(great cup of coffee, art and gift items created by local artists)
3210 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Trend Boutique
(women’s clothing and accessories boutique)
2946 Markbreit Ave.
Cincinnati, OH, 45209

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Hats Off to this Trunk Show!

Every now and then people submit inquiries into Cincy Chic about things they want/need but can’t find, and ask for our opinions or suggestions. I received one a couple weeks ago from a woman, and she asked where she could get a nice derby hat around Cincinnati. I talked with someone else today at an event and this same question came up. So, I decided to start a new category of this blog called “Ask Amy.” Whenever I get a good question I think you’ll benefit from, I’ll publish the question and my answer. Click here to submit a question.

Here’s the question:

Hi Cincy Chic,

I was curious if you know of any hat shops around Cincinnati that has women’s hats for a horse race such as Keenland? Just let me know!


My reply:

Hi Stephanie!
Thanks for writing. I actually wondered the same thing last derby season, and found one really good shop in the entire Tri-State: Ms Martha’s Dress Shop in Ft. Mitchell KY. But I recently learned that they closed up shop.

Today I did some digging for you and asked some local boutique owners if they had any. I found two in Hyde Park for you: Sassy Boutique and Snap Boutique in Hyde Park. They aren’t super big or fancy. You may need to embellish them. If you want super big or fancy, you may be able to find some online. But if you’re not looking for that, and just want a cute hat to wear and to be able to try on here locally, those two shops are for you!

Hope that helps!

And just today I received an email from Amy at Soho (one of the boutique owners I asked when digging around) and she said Sassy Boutique is having a trunk show this Friday. Info below! Happy hat shopping!


Someone just emailed me this info. Thought it was good to share:

Amy, believe it or not I saw a ton of big cute hats at the TJ Maxx in Hyde Park.  I also saw cute dresses there – but you have to dig through the racks to find them!  Some were high priced hats, but the vast majority were reasonable!