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Chic Review: Natural Beaded Rows at Salon Mosaic

My hair started getting super thin, and I was talking to a friend about it. She told me she had the same issue and she got Natural Beaded Rows from a woman named Michele who owns Salon Mosaic in Kenwood.

Michele is one of the one stylists trained to do these Natural Beaded Rows, or “NBR,” in the Tri-State area. They give you the look of natural, full hair which I definitely want because my hair is starting to get thin and it’s not a good look!

What I really liked about NBR over other extension options I looked up is that there’s no glue or tape involved. So, it’s better for your natural hair — the glue and tape-in ones really damage it and I didn’t want that. These NBR hair extensions also hide better and don’t slip out. I can pull my hair up in a bun, braid, or pony tail, go on a run, swimming, you name it, and you can’t see them and there’s no issue with them.

The method for how they do this is really interesting too. So you first come in for a quick consult where the stylist gets a look and feel for your natural hair. Michele then custom colors your extensions so your real hair and the extension hair has a seamless blend. Then you come in for your second appointment and the hair extensions are placed in rows in the hair by creating a “track” with an exclusive bead and string technique. Wefts are then placed on the track and sewn in. The extensions are then cut and blended to your hair. Then you’re styled and on your way!

The NBR extensions use really high quality 100% human hair. I honestly can’t tell which hair is mine and which is the extension when I run my hands through my hair now!

You’ll spend about 3 hours getting the extensions put in, but from what I read that’s actually a lot quicker than some of the other methods). Then, after you get your extensions in, you come back every 5-10 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows, to get them adjusted. Michele can also touch up your color, cut and style while you’re there so you feel fresh and new again.

When I looked in that mirror after everything was in and styled, I seriously wanted to cry! It looked so beautiful, so natural, so ME! I never thought I’d be one to have extensions, but now that I have them, this is what I’ve wanted my hair to look like for a long time! I’ve seriously never loved my hair more!

Click here to learn more

Beauty Minute Monday: Anti-Stress Massage

Happy Beauty Minute Monday from Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa! De-stress today! Check out the new Anti-Stress Massage from Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa! It helps to create a natural state of calm and serenity using aromatherapy oils! ? Plus, Mitchell’s is having a holiday gift card sale running through December 31! Get a $100 gift card for $80, $75 for $60, and more! Purchase your gift card here and check out our post on Facebook for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate!

Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa: #momlife photo caption contest

Calling all moms! Head to our Facebook page and comment with your best #momlife photo and caption and you could win a Full Body Massage from Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa! Submit by midnight April 11, then we’ll post an album of entries on April 12 and the picture with the most likes by midnight May 12 will win! Just in time for some much-needed Mother’s Day pampering! Visit to check out services and buy gift certificates online for your loved ones rockin’ that Mom Life!

FREE Women’s Health Expo May 12!

Our 2018 Women’s Health Expo is coming up May 12 and you won’t want to miss it! It all takes place this year at the Cincinnati Marriott North in West Chester! Enjoy complimentary swag bags, healthy treats, interactive demonstrations, shop local vendors, and watch a fab fashion show! Plus, this year we’re bringing you on-site childcare through Juggle so all the mamas attending can enjoy the event, knowing their kiddos are well-entertained and cared for! (click here to see my review of using Juggle with my kiddos — spoiler alert — LOVED IT!) To learn more about the event and sign up for your childcare reservation, click here:

Punch & Prettification THIS THURSDAY!

Clear your cals this Thursday because Cincy Chic is hosting a SUPER fun event — Punch & Prettification at Myrtle’s Punch House with Molly Wellmann and EVER Skincare! Join us for a night of tasty cocktails and good-for-you beauty products! RSVP at

And in case you didn’t see it before, I have two different reviews on EVER Skincare — I tried out their facial skincare regimen to clear up some problem skin I was having (helloooo pregnancy hormones!) and then also their LAVISH cream to help clear up my stretch marks. You won’t believe the before and afters! Check them out below!



Review: Zeel On-Demand Massage App

I read the recent story we did in Cincy Chic about Zeel, an on-demand massage service now available in Cincinnati through a free app, so I decided to check it out for myself.

Here’s a little excerpt from the article that sums it up well: “Zeel is the leading and largest on-demand massage provider with over 10,000 licensed massage therapists serving over 80 US cities, explains Public Relations Director Jillian Sanders. “With best-in-class security protocols, Zeel offers on-demand, at-home massage in as little as an hour, 365 days a year, with start times as early as 8 am and as late at 10:30 pm.”

At 9 months pregnant, everything hurts right now, so a massage sounds amazing. But with two kids and a husband with a weird schedule (he has to be at work really early so he goes to bed at 6pm and gets up at 1am), getting out of the house for a massage at a spa is getting increasingly more difficult.

Knowing I was going to have a long day at work the other day, I decided to download the Zeel app and see if I could get a massage therapist to come on my lunch break. It was super easy — you just put in some basic info about yourself, and then select the day, time, location (office, home, friend’s house, etc), type of massage (deep tissue, prenatal, couples, etc) and gender preference for your massage therapist and then you confirm it. It took about 15 minutes and then I got a notification that a massage therapist had been booked, gave me her name, and some details to prepare my space for the massage. Easy peasy.

A few minutes later, I got a text from my massage therapist introducing herself and giving me her contact info in case I needed to reach her for anything prior to the massage, and also letting me know when she’d be there to start setting up the room for my massage.

Come lunchtime, my therapist arrived, I got an amazing massage and felt like a new woman for the rest of the day. It was seriously awesome. Plus, I really liked that the tip and everything is included in the original booking price that you pay through the app, so there’s no trying to awkwardly find cash at the end of your massage.

I actually just ordered another Zeel massage a couple nights ago to my house — after the hubby went to sleep and I got the girls down for bed, my massage therapist arrived and I got another amazing massage. I feel like I’ve cracked some mom code where I figured out how to get my beloved (and much-needed) spa days back! haha!

Highly recommended! To learn more about Zeel Massage, visit or you can download the app in your phone’s App Store. You can also use code CINCINNATI for $20 off your first massage.

Review: Natural Nail “Shellac” at Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound

A little over a month ago I went to Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound to get a manicure and pedi before an event. I’ve been going for years and they have always had their pregnancy-safe polishes, but they never offered any type of “shellac” or gel nails because there weren’t any out there that were pregnancy safe… until now!

They now offer Dazzle Dry, which is like a shellac or gel nail polish that is SUPER long lasting (my finger nails lasted two weeks and toe nail polish is still going strong after 5 weeks), without all the chemicals that traditional shellac/gel products have — good for you, pregnant or not. It dries after just a few minutes so you can put your shoes or boots right back on and not have to worry about smudges!

Here’s a little more from a site I follow about Dazzle Dry and why it’s awesome! And here’s a post Becoming Mom did a couple weeks ago announcing that they’re now offering this service (and offering $5 off if you comment on the post)

Check it out for yourself at Becoming Mom! They’re in the Deerfield Towne Center in Mason, and there’s a new location opening soon in NKY! So exciting!


Review: Arkadiance

A few months ago, I met Ami, a local woman who is the founder of Arkadiance. As a former P&Ger and med student, she’s a beauty industry guru and science geek, but she’s also fashionista. So she loves looking her best, and perfecting the science behind it.

That’s what led her to create Arkadiance, which sells “nutraceuticals,” such as Omega-3 capsules, probiotics and antioxidants, along with Skincare, body care, and a line of natural teas. It’s all designed to work together to make people like you and me feel better on the inside and look better on the outside.

At first, I thought this was a network marketing skincare company, but then I realized no, SHE created this business and formulated these products from SCRATCH. Over the past several years, Ami has collaborated with formulation scientists and labs that are all specialists in their fields to create the most potent formulas and ingredients for her products.

For me personally, after a few months of taking the Arkadiance rainbow antioxidants (which make sure you get all the nutrients of superfoods and come in this really cool container that keeps them separated and easy to take on-the-go) plus the omega-3 radiance capsules, and probiotics— while also using the facial cleanser, tonic and face cream — I feel like my hair, skin and nails just have an absolute glow to them, but I also truly FEEL better too.

A lifted mood, better sleep, more energy, and less nausea — not just because I’m pregnant — the fish oil horse pills I was taking before would always make me feel sick to my stomach. The Arkadiance omegas are smaller, no fishy aftertaste — they actually have a hint of lemon — even though they’re much smaller than the horse pills, they’re WAY more effective because it’s pharmaceutical-grade oil harvested from fish in the wide open Norwegian Sea instead of raised in unhealthy fish farms.

The Skincare is amazing too. I was nervous to try something new — especially the cleanser because it wasn’t the exfoliating kind of scrub I’m used to using. I didn’t think this would clean and slough off everything I needed it to. But it has a citrusy, surprisingly rich lather that cleans away all the dirt, make-up, and bacteria really well without being abrasive or stripping. And with its main ingredients being green and white tea, it not only leaves your skin super clean but also feeling nourished and refreshed.

Oh and the moisturizer is amazing. A lot of face creams have parabens, petroleum and a lot of gunk in them that give the illusion of hydration but the aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter easily absorb and don’t leave you greasy. Oh and the essential oils in it smell like a day at the spa, so that’s always a nice way to end the day.

But the best thing is knowing that I’m getting these great results because it’s truly nourishing my body from the inside out. Using the most pure and potent ingredients that give you real results that you can see and feel.

You buy directly through the website — they are not a networking marketing company — plus they do free shipping on all orders and offer a 100% product love guarantee with a full refund with returned products. Pretty impressive.

Learn more at

Review: EVER’s Pure Results Regimen

I started using EVER’s Lavish cream last year to get rid of my stretch marks and couldn’t BELIEVE the results. So I looked into what else they had to help with some other issues I was having.
Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always had acneic skin and breakouts on my face, and now that I’m not exactly a teenager any more (more like an always tired Mom of two going on three soon) I’m also starting to see fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture. I thought I needed to use all the super strength products to keep the acne and aging at bay, but even those products weren’t working well AND I was putting a bunch of chemically, not-good-for-you stuff on my skin. So when I got pregnant with baby number three at the end of last year, I decided it was time to maybe give EVER facial skincare a try.
Their good-for-you, botanical ingredients worked BIG TIME on my belly so why not my face? And boy was I pleasantly surprised. As you can see my skin is a lot less inflamed now and this is only using it for a month! It looks and FEELS like it’s getting healthier. And that’s because it actually is.
What I love about EVER is that they’re all about Safety AND Efficacy. They keep out any harmful chemicals that’ve been banned outside of the US or are known to be linked to health concerns. They call it the “Never EVER” list. Their products are safe to use during pregnancy and nursing and even on children!
But don’t mistake this more natural approach for lackluster results. These powerful botanicals helped with a lot of my skin issues I know a lot of other people deal with too, like uneven skin tone and texture, dark spots, breakouts, redness, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.
So here’s what I tried. I went online and filled out a little survey for them to get to know my skin and what I needed help with. Then it developed this personalized plan for me, click, ship and it was on my doorstep in a few days.
The Pure Results Regimen has four simple steps to better skin.  Completely customizeable based on your skin type.   Cleanse, Exfoliate (which by the way, this REVEAL product won the Allure Best of Beauty), Treat and Moisturize.  You get 2 different moisturizers, one for AM with mineral SPF 32 that comes in beautiful tinted shades or clear and one for PM.
The products smell amazing and are luxurious like a spa experience.  Beautiful packaging – looks great on your bathroom counter.  Lasts a long time too.  And when you bundle all these goodies in their Regimen package, you actually are saving 20% off the retail price of purchasing the products individually.
You can take the free Skin Quiz I did to figure out which products are right for your skin type, and then you can go from there! If you do decide to get anything, I know that all new customers can use this link — —  to get $10 off their first purchase, so definitely grab that first if you plan to get anything!