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Recap: Cincy Chic’s 6th Anniversary Staff Pamper Party

(L-R) Bri Pennington our online brand manager; Drew Ross our General Manager; Me, Cincy Chic Publisher; Stephanie Zastawa our VP of Operations; and Kerry Francis our event planner

On Jan. 15, 2007 I launched Cincy Chic. That means the publication turned 6 on Tuesday… and the Chic staff and I celebrated in style! It was all a surprise to them, so it was fun to plan and treat them to a great night out together! We started the night at Cincy Style Bar/Alba Beauty Studio in Hyde Park. They treated us to blow outs, makeup and nails, as well as champagne, light bites, and even chocolate cake for us! How sweet!! Then, Jill with AVE photography came by to get photos of our glammed up team before we headed out to Cumin for dinner. While enjoying dindin, (which was DELICIOUS by the way – highly recommend Cumin for a date night or special occasion!) I gave them some special gifts from Jewels by Jules in Montgomery.

I got the gals some gold/gemstone bangle bracelets and coordinating teardrop earrings (all in colors I thought matched their personality/style), and I got the lucky guy of the group a Marines watch. The watch was one of those chunky watches, with a over-sized face, and thick leather band – very cool. Plus, a portion of each purchase benefits the USMC! Ah, I digress (I could talk about shopping all day)…

We had a fabulous time getting pampered, wining, and dining. Check out the video below of our pamper party transformation! And thanks for your readership support throughout the past six years – here’s to many more Chic years in the future!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Nordstrom will be having their Anniversary Sale Friday, July 20- Sunday, August 5 at the Nordstrom in the Kenwood Towne Center!

The next season’s styles for women, men, and children will be making their debut as fall is just around the corner and these sweltering temperatures will be dropping into cool and breezy afternoons before we know it.

For the anniversary sale, you’ll experience brand-new fall merchandize that will be marked down to incredible pre-season prices. Kind of like Black Friday minus the madness. And you’ll be able to shop ’til you drop for two whole weeks! This is the perfect time to amp up your fall wardrobe or pick a few pieces to make jaws drop at the office.

Brands like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, kate spade new york, Rachel Roy, UGG Australia, and many more will have merchandise in the anniversary sale!

And for you beauty lovers, limited-edition exclusive and special deals will be available from huge brands like MAC, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, and others.

For more information, you can call the Nordstrom Kenwood Towne Center at 513-699-4190.

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this AMAZING sale! You can stay up to date on their Facebook page!

Warehouse B Sneak Peek

Me and my new Chloe shades in Warehouse B

I got an email from a place called “Warehouse B” the other day, inviting me to come to a blogger tour through their new store in Tri-County. I went to their site and it looked like a closeout warehouse for electronics and appliances. Sounded interesting, so I thought what the heck… I’ll go!

I had a little trouble finding it… My GPS kept telling me it was on the north side of 275 but it was actually south right across from Tri-County mall. So, if you plan to go, make a note of the location and don’t listen to your GPS if it tries to send you up north!

But once I got there, I was quite impressed. I learned that this is a new concept from the masterminds behind Best Buy. Think of Sams Club – sans food – but with more brand names.

They have everything from designer sunglasses and jewelry to appliances and electronics. The practical angel on my shoulder told me to get a new food processor or something else I need. But the fashionista devil on my shoulder told me to make a beeline for the sunglasses… Which is exactly what I did 🙂

They had Kate Spade, Chloe, Coach, and a ton of other amazing designer glasses! After trying on a few, I fell in love with a pair of tan and gold Chloe shades. I looked online and they were about half of retail. DONE! MINE!

I searched through the rest of the store and tried to find something a little more practical (I had told my husband I was going…so he was hoping I’d bring some electronics back for him). And I did see a laptop for $189, which is awesome. But the “practical” thing I ended up getting was a garden hose. haha! I know… super random.

I actually laughed when I went to the register and told the clerk “Sorry! Super random purchase… designer sunglasses and a garden hose!” And she said “Well, that’s the beauty of Warehouse B – random is what we’re all about!”

I talked with the store manager and she said they’re going to broaden that randomness even more in the near future. They plan to get high-end handbags, more electronics and appliances, music gear, landscaping items and home decor.

Definitely a great place worth checking out – and checking out often because their inventory will change weekly. Their weekly new arrivals hit the floor on Wednesday, so that’s when to go! And you can sign up for their email notifications to get a run-down of what’s coming in at

Chic on the Cheap!

Here’s an event you’re not going to want to miss! We helping to host a “Chic on the Cheap!” Trunk Show for Black and White Exchange.

This will be an inventory liquidation sale of ALL Black and White Exchange merchandise- which includes many brand new Bebe dresses- as well as other items at up to 50% off!

This is a deal you cannot miss out on! The event will be February 11 from 12-4pm at the Elements Conference and Event Center in Sharonville.

Make sure you RSVP here and we will definitely see you there!

Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping me put this blog post together!


Ever notice that you rarely get anything fun in the mail these days? It’s usually bills and junk mail. Well, I randomly got something VERY fun in the mail the other day… A personalized frizbee!

The website sent it to me apparently to get my attention, which worked (It also got my dog’s attention …see the pic! haha!).  These “FrizbeeGrams” are customized full-sized plastic frizbee that are mailed for you in place of a greeting card or invitation. If you go to their site, you can completely customize the FrizbeeGram for your recipient with your own message and you can even add a picture or logo.

It didn’t come with an envelope or any packaging. A frizbee that said “We love the Cincy Chic blog” was literally sitting in my mailbox when I got home! I cracked up!

I thought I’d post about it in case you’d like to send a unique gift to that college kid heading back to school. I remember frizbee golf was huge at Miami! Just try not to put anything too embarrassing like “mommy and daddy love you pookie pants” on it! Remember, their friends will see this! haha!

Tent Sale Today through Sunday in Madeira

End of the summer sales are popping up everywhere lately. But, don’t miss out on what Madeira is promising to be the biggest Tent Sale of the season. The event starts today, August 11 through the 14th, located on Miami Avenue in Madeira.

The stores participating in this event include: Monkee’s of Madeira, The Wardrobe, The Pink Box, La Silhouette, Silly Bean, Ted’s Toy Store, Little Treasures Jewelry, The Bookshelf, Designs by Dawson, among others!

Go out to Madeira today through the weekend to get huge bargains on everything from clothes, jewelry, books and toys while enjoying what is left of summer.

Kate Moss Wearing Cincinnati’s Fabulous-Furs

Did you get your copy of the August issue of British Vogue? Flip to page 134 and you’ll see Kate Moss wearing a Fabulous-Furs wrap nonchalantly thrown over her shoulder.

Currently based in Covington KY, Fabulous-Furs is a Tri-State gem, featuring the world’s finest faux fur. (We interviewed owner Donna Salyers in Cincy Chic here if you’d like to learn her incredibly interesting story.)

Kate Moss wears her Fabulous-Furs wrap atop a Tom Ford skirt and silk blouse … considerably more costly than the $99 faux Black Fox Wrap found on

I found out about this because Donna shot me an email as soon as she found out. “It’s doubly fun to see our things, not just in a world-renown fashion magazine, but in an International edition as well,” she says. “US Vogue shot our things for Oct cover . . . now THAT would really be fun!”

Meet the Queen City Gals

Four local ladies, and their talented student production team, are making history. They put together the first student-run local reality show aired on a network affiliate station.

Last Sunday, the first of a “four-show summer test” aired on Fox19 and the next episode airs tomorrow. Downtown residents Tracey Conrad, Lauren Brown and Adhrucia Apana, and Katie Cassidy of Indian Hill, star in the show.

I sat down with the four ladies to chat with them about the show, how everything’s going since the first episode aired and what’s in store with the future episodes.

First off, the girls were excited about the local businesses they were able to feature. Their wardrobe, for example, features lots of local flair. Adhrucia is wearing an Amy Kirchen black dress (above) in the promotional shots of the show. Tracey is wearing a Serket necklace in the opener and has a Lindsey Lusignolo gown made in the first episode. Katie wears an Ohio necklace with a diamond where Cincinnati is, designed by Paolo Jewelers.

Other local businesses to be featured in future episodes include Park and Vine, Breathing Room, Unheardof, nada, Blue Jay, Chicken Lays an Egg, Shake It Records, Righteous Room, Fuel, Pavilion, and Fast Eddies.

They were also excited about the production value, which I have to say, I think was the best part of the show. The students did a phenomenal job and should be extremely proud of themselves. The production is very professional and polished, and those kids are going to graduate with some incredible experience on their resumes.

The show also features the city in a very positive light. The skyline is gorgeous, they visit many downtown businesses, bars, restaurants and attractions – which helps folks watching in the suburbs realize downtown is safe, fun and vibrant.

But not everything got in that first episode that the girls wanted to get across. While that first episode successfully showed that they’re fashionable downtown gals who love a good party – especially if it’s for a good cause – the girls say they’re much more than that.

For example, Tracey says she’s not just a full time volunteer. She’s also a mom of a 10-year-old active daughter. She gets up early, packs her daughter’s lunch, car pools and runs her daughter around to her sports and activities like so many other local moms.

Adhrucia works three jobs. The first (the one she says “pays the bills”) is Cutting Edge Selection, a wine distributor. The second is XBMD Designs, a social media marketing company, and the third is a start-up online publication she’s about to launch.

Katie and Adhrucia went to Indian Hill High School together – but apparently this has been an issue for the show. People assume they were born with silver spoons in their mouths, and then can’t relate to them. But Katie and Adhrucia both say they saw their parents work hard from a young age to earn what they have today. (I actually used to work for Katie’s dad, Jack – CEO of Cincinnati Bell – and he’s now one of my trusted business mentors. He truly is one of the hardest working people I know, and I respect him very much.)

Lauren echos the same silver spoon sentiments. With her father being Richard Brown, the former maitre’d of the Maisonette, being very influential in the restaurant industry, people assume she didn’t earn her position of Executive Chef at the University Club. Quite the contrary, Lauren says. She’s been cooking since she was 18, climbed her way up, and pulls 50 hour work weeks regularly. Lauren also wants everyone to know she’s a proud West-sider.

So, keep these things in mind as you tune into Fox19 for the second show this Sunday at 11p.m. While on the surface it might just look like a show about four fab girls hitting the town, these girls say it’s more than that. It’s a showcase of great local businesses, organizations, our city, and most importantly – a talented student team at Cincinnati State we can all be very proud of.

Check out the webcast below to learn more about the show and what’s to come in future episodes.


Terrific Travel Items from Travelessence

Great summertime hats at Travelessence!

Yesterday, my girlfriend Lindsay and I went to the Travelessence Grand Opening, and it was so fun! The store has everything you might need for travel – everything from luggage and travel-friendly clothes to bed bug spray and travel-size flat irons. Lindsay and I both have vacations coming up, so the grand opening came at the perfect time!

Plus, it’s located right in the heart of Old Montgomery, so after we made our purchases, we walked over to Stone Creek for a glass of wine for girl talk and travel planning! What a great day!

Check out the video below of Lindsay and I sharing our favorite items we found at the store! Enjoy!


Vote for me to be new Star64 Co-Host!

I mentioned a couple days ago that I’m one of 10 finalists to be the next co-host on Star64. Well, now it’s neck and neck and I reeeeeeally need your help! It’s easy to vote! Two steps:

1) “like” Star64 on facebook –

2) then click here – – to “like” my video!

If you’re feeling extra helpful, you can share it on your FB page or ask your friends to vote too. Whatever you can do is appreciated!

They’ll be choosing the winner very soon and they’re looking for the person who gets a good public response. So I need your help as soon as possible. Thank you SO much! *fingers crossed*