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Fabushoe Friday, Small Business Saturday: Morrison and Me

From now until Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24, I’m going to feature a local business with great gift ideas for everyone on your “nice list.” Today, I’m featuring Morrison & Me.

I chose to feature them today because it’s Fabushoe Friday and it’s only natural that a shoe store gets the spotlight, right?:) They’re located in Hyde Park Square (which will have free valet parking Saturdays Thanksgiving-Christmas 10a-6p by the way!).

While Morrison & Me is a shoe store, giving shoes as a gift can be tricky. Good news is that they have a ton of non-shoe options in-store like handbags and jewelry. So save the shoe shopping for you, and snag some of these stylish accessories for the fashionista on your list. Here are some of the fun finds I saw when I visited…

The uniqueness of this cross body purse is one of a kind. Find your fashionista and they will go head over heels for this.
A cute clutch that deserves some attention. Detailing to die for.
Sweet simple and superb. This local jewelry is a great way to get them a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll love.

Fabushoe Friday: Driving Shoes

My new Ryka driving shoes!

Happy Fabushoe Friday!

So, while these are more practical than fabulous, I got tired of killing my car mats with heels so I bought some driving shoes!

Believe it or not, it was actually a car mechanic’s idea for me to buy the shoes! I had re-ordered new mats several times at my dealership, and on the third time, he pointed at my 6-inch heels and asked, “You wear those often?” Of course, I said yes, to which he replied: “You know, it might be a good idea to look into some driving shoes.” He paused… adding, “You could buy a lot of those,” pointing to my heels, “instead of these,” pointing to my shredded mat.

Now you’re speakin’ my language – point taken!

Not only are they more comfortable than heels, but they truly are a great investment! I was buying new all-weather mats for $100 about twice a year because my heels kept digging a hole in them. I was also ruining my heels, because the back of the right shoe would get scuffed or the material would rub off. Translation… thanks to my drivers, I’ll have several hundred more in my annual shoe budget now!!! 🙂

I did some research on which ones to buy, and to be honest, I was disappointed in the selection. A lot of the women’s drivers look like moccasins. I like the men’s driving shoe selection a lot more because they have a sportier look.

I ended up going with a shoe that’s technically made for yoga. The only thing that really makes a shoe a “driver” is the extra rubberized lip at the back of the shoe, which this pair had. I also liked that they had a cute scroll design on top and could pass for a ballerina flat if I decided I was done with heels for the rest of my work day.

Typically, I just keep them in my car door pocket – putting them on when I get in, and putting them back in the pocket when I get out. Or if I need to wear them walking downtown between meetings or something, I have a dust bag for them in my purse.

Being a heel girl, I was hesitant purchasing frumpy flats, but I’m so glad I did! I highly recommend getting a pair if you, too, love your heels but don’t want to Fred Flinstone your car mats!

Fabushoe Friday: HP Blast Shoe Sale at Morrison & Me

Lots of Hyde Park businesses are having sales to attract all the Hyde Park Blast participants into their stores this weekend. I told you about the HP Blast sale at Kate, and I just found out about Morrison & Me’s shoe sale to celebrate the Blast too! Perfect timing because it’s Fabushoe Friday! Check out the details of the sale below! Good luck to all you HP Blast runners, walkers and cyclists! Have a great time!

Fabushoe Friday: Amy Kirchen Now Carries Shoes

Happy Fabushoe Friday, friends! Exciting news to share to celebrate this weekly holiday…. Amy Kirchen Boutique in Milford is now carrying some AH-MAZ-ING shoes.

She’s the fashion show sponsor for our June 23 Red, Pink and Blue fashion show (which you NEED to be at by the way – it’s my favorite event of the year!) so we’ve been chatting a ton. She took all these pics of the new kicks she just got in and I think a drooled a puddle on my computer.

I. Want. Every. Pair.

Check them out at her boutique located at 125 Main St. in Milford!

Fabushoe Friday: Blaine’s Menswear Shoe Collection

We all know I’m slightly addicted to shoes. I do my weekly Fabushoe Friday… my parents met in the Sears shoe department… and my husband has even more shoes that me (we’re a perfect PAIR… get it?! haha!).

I went to the Blaine’s Menswear event, put on by Cincinnati Profile (i.e., men’s version of Cincy Chic/localized GQ mag), a couple weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at all the fun and colorful Allen Edmonds shoes they had there for their fashMANista shoppers!

As my friend Bob Schwartz puts it “….now a days men’s shoe stores are beginning to look like Allen Edmonds dropped acid.” haha! SO true!

Check out Bob’s blog covering the event. “Throw in red or white soles, and its getting very interesting…” he says.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. So, extend your love for fashion down to your feet with some fun shoes… highly recommend checking out the shoes at Blaine’s.

Allen Edmonds shoes at Blaine's in Old Montgomery (photo credit: Bob Schwartz)

Fabushoe Friday: Saks Unveils Revamped Shoe Salon

Exciting news, my shoe-savvy fashionista friends. Saks Fifth Ave downtown just remodeled their shoe salon, and they’re having a shin-dig to celebrate its unveiling in style. Oh, and what’s better than shoe shopping in a pretty new shoe salon? Having a portion of proceeds go to a great cause! 10% of sales from the event will be going to go Vibrant – a non-profit dedicated to making Cincinnati a healthier, more vibrant place to live! Click here to read the story Cincy Chic did about the organization and its founder!

Check out the invite below… hope to see you and your chic shoes there!