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Miss Em’s: Look for Less

As I mentioned last week, my friend Emily owns Miss Em’s, an awesome accessories shop that specializes in trendy yet affordable pieces. She does home parties, craft shows, etc. (like Stella and Dot, but at a fraction of the price) and you can also go online to buy her items. But once a year she hosts an annual Holiday Shopping-themed Open House every year where you can shop in person! This year’s event is on Nov. 1 at the Anderson Senior Center (7970 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45255). Click here to get all the event details!

Whenever I wear any of my Miss Em’s pieces, people are always asking me where I got it, or if it’s such-and-such designer… and they’re always surprised when I tell them where I actually got it and for how much. So, just to give you an example of what I’m talking about, I pulled a few things I liked from Miss Em’s site, and then found identical designer look-alikes for hundreds more. Check them out! Then, after you do and you get hooked on Miss Em’s too, I’ll see you on Nov. 1! 🙂


New Accessory Arrivals at A Village Gift Shop

Me in a necklace I got from A Village Gift Shop! Love it!!
Me in a necklace I got from A Village Gift Shop! Love it!!

I love love love fun accessories, especially fun inexpensive costume jewelry. My favorite place to get the BEST accessories is such a little gem (pun intended!!) A Village Gift Shop in Glendale. They have a bunch of fun new jewelry lines in, as well as a bunch of new handbags! Here’s some info on what they just got in!

Bourbon and Boweties – A jewelry line featuring the signature bangle bracelets, along with necklaces and clasp bracelets. All the jewelry is made in America. The company was founded in 2012 by Carley Ochs, a young jewelry designer, who designed the bangle bracelet and first sold it through a gift shop in Charleston, SC. The company has grown tremendously over the past 3 years. All the bracelets are made with hand selected semiprecious stones, geodes, smokey quartz, lava stones, shells, turquoise, jade, polished coral, peruvian opal, agates and many more natural stones all wrapped with gold plated wire. Although the stones come from around the world they are all individually “Made by PROUD Southern hands”. A colorful collection of styles and colors is featured at A Village Gift Shop.

Hobo the Original – Hobo is natural leather handbags, wallets and wristlets that are designed to be beautiful, purposeful and classics that never go out of style. Company was started by Toni Ray in 1991 and is now run by her daughter Koren and son-in-law David Brewer. Hobo’s philosophy is quality and cool never go out of style, and their array of leather colors and prints includes something to please everyone. The Lauren wallet is a great example of purpose meets beautiful and is proudly featured along with many other styles at A Village Gift Shop.

Dona Bela Shreds – Another unique item in our collection, the Dona Bela Shreds is upcycled cloth neckwear that is the summer’s great fashion find. It is a necklace/scarf that is lightweight, easy to wear and made of jersey cotton remnant fabric. Colorful and comfortable, the Shred is the perfect complement to summer’s t-shirts and sundresses. The company was started in 2010 by Allison Davidson in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, and all the Shred products are Made in America.

Lenora Dame – American made jewelry line based in Philadelphia, PA, Lenora Dame caters to the woman who appreciates a “haute bohemian” style. Started in 2001 by former advertising executive Lenora Dame, the jewelry features bold designs, playful looks and vintage materials in its collection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Known nationally and internationally, Lenora Dame jewelry is an exciting addition to A Village Gift Shop.

Bourbon and Boweties
Bourbon and Boweties
Dona Bela Shreds
Dona Bela Shreds
Hobo the Original
Hobo the Original
Lenora Dame
Lenora Dame

Fab Finds, Upcoming Cincy Chic Event at A Village Gift Shop!

I’ve been visiting A Village Gift Shop in Glendale a lot lately to plan our upcoming “Jewelry Makes me Happy Hour” event going on this Thursday, and I just have to tell you about some of the FAB finds I came across!

Alex and Ani stackable bracelets
Alex and Ani stackable bracelets

Snoozies, which are a cross between a warm sock and cozy slipper! They come in all different colors, fabrics (even sequins!) and sizes (even ones for babies!). They’re suuuuper cute, and perfect for these cold, polar vortex days!

Talk about something perfect for a cold winter’s day… think of baked brie oozing over fruits, meats and breads. YUM! A Village Gift Shop has some great Gourmet du Village dips and brie bakers that the owner Diane says are some of their top sellers at the store!

Alex and Ani bracelets – this designer creates bangle bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. A Village Gift Shop recently started carrying these and Diane says they’re flying off the shelves! I love the stackable bracelets!

You can check out all these fab finds and more at the Jan. 30 “Jewelry Makes me Happy” event coming up at the Village Gift Shop at the Century House in Glendale. It all supports a good cause, too. Click here to register and learn more!

Marvy Accessory Monday: Otazu at Kenwood Oct. 1

Otazu crystal necklace ($387)
Otazu crystal necklace ($387)

If you haven’t heard of Otazu jewelry, you’ve probably seen it. It’s usually the life of the party when someone is wearing it.

These loud and colorful pieces are huge in Europe, but there’s only one person who is licensed to sell it here locally. Her name is Angie Casselman. She apparently has the largest selection of Otazu in the US, so we’re lucky to have her right here.

Although, I’m kind of disappointed the designer, Rodrigo Otazu, doesn’t live here too. He’s easy on the eyes!

Well, he might not live here, but he’ll be in town soon! Oct. 1, he and Angie are setting up from 10am-9pm at Kenwood Towne Center. (upstairs in the old Limited space above the food court)

Rodrigo recently dressed Lady Gaga for the VMA awards, Ke$ha, Tyra Banks, Lucy Lui, Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, and Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrel and Kristin Davis in Sex in the City 2 movie.

Unfortunately, with all the fame, his prices have gone up significantly. I remember four years ago you could get a necklace for around $100, but now they’re upwards of $400. But think of it this way, he’s still moving up the ranks, so next year his jewelry might be worth double!

So, if you need to stock up on your sparkles, go visit this event on Oct. 1… then come down to Bras with Flair on the Square and show off your bling!

UPDATE: I just got an email from Angie regarding the price point mentioned… she said “I do not have many things @$400 … earrings are $85 and bracelets are from $125… my average necklace is $295 – $335.”

Marvy Accessory Monday: Sarah Squeri Designs

You’ve probably seen the Sarah Squeri ads in the magazines and papers. The pieces I’ve seen on these ads are just gorgeous and I’ve been drooling over them for years.

I’ve really wanted to see them in person… I even made an attempt at contacting Sarah to see if she might want to participate in any of our Cincy Chic events as a vendor. I never heard anything back from her, but I know she’s super busy and doesn’t do events very often. Kind of like the super talented and popular kids in high school… you invite them to things, hoping but not expecting them to actually come.

Well, speaking of high school… I get an invite from my high school art teacher, Pam Kravetz (I wrote all about how I reconnected with her here). Pam is a well-known artist nationwide now, and especially here in Cincinnati. Well, this invite she sent me is for an event she’s working on with Sarah!

The event is called “Once in a Blue Moon” and it’s marrying Sarah’s tres chic and classy jewelry designs with Pam’s quirky and fun art pieces.

I can’t wait to go to this event and finally meet the cool kid in school, Sarah Squeri, and see her “marvy accessories” in person.

And Pam is such a hoot… it’ll be so fun to see her art pieces, too. I just met her for drinks the other day and she told me the story behind some of the pieces…the things and people who inspired them. It’s going to be very funny if any of these people actually show up. They might find a life-sized interactive marionette puppet of themselves! haha! : )

Sarah Squeri + Pam Kravetz event (click to enlarge)

Marvy Accessory Monday: Scarfing It Up

Marvy Accessory worn as a neclace
Stefano Handmade Silk accessory worn as a necklace (click to enlarge)

With all the Bras with Flair on the Square bra-decorating parties I’ve been going to, I’ve been keeping my eye on my favorite lingerie store (La Silhouette in Madeira) for sales/new arrivals so I can go and stock back up!

I signed up to “like” their Facebook page so I get the heads up on that info. A few days ago, they posted photos of some unlikely new arrivals. Not the bras I was expecting… they posted about new belts, bags and necklaces they just got in.

Marvy Accessory worn as a belt
Stefano Handmade Silk accessory worn as a belt (click to enlarge)

They were like none other I’d ever seen before! There was one common theme for all these accessories: Scarves. I talked to the shop owner, Britt. She and her husband found these Stefano Handmade Silk accessories when on a trip in Positano Italy.

The belts are $65, the handbags are $95, and necklaces are $50.

They come in all different colors and patterns. One side of the buckle on the belt is matching coral and the other side is knotted so you can adjust it to be exactly the size you need it to be. They’re really beautiful items. Thought you’d enjoy having a look-see. So, I did a little video to show you all the different ways to wear them! Enjoy!


Marvy Accessory Monday: Bracelet in Chains

Bracelet from Paris J Boutique (click to enlarge)

Last Friday, I told you how I was surprised with gifts from the owner of Paris J Boutique. I showed you the shoes… and I said she also gave me an accessory.

Well, I misspoke. It’s not just an accessory. It’s a STATEMENT. Check out this beautiful statement piece!  —>

I’m so excited! Ever since chains hit the runway last fall, I’ve been on the lookout for some chain accessories that don’t make me look like I’m a goth tween or have some S&M fetish. (no offense to anyone who is or has either of those things)  : )

But this piece does chains with class. It looks like a gold cuff, three rows of circles thick and woven in the circles are light and dark silver chains.
It’s really really cool when you see it up close. I tried to get a good picture of it, but none of them ended up doing it justice so you’ll have to trust me on this one.

Luckily, the day Teresa gave me the bracelet, I was wearing a black and white dress, and had accidentally forgotten to put on any jewelry before I ran out of the house! So, this was a perfect statement piece to accessorize my outfit. And because it’s so loud, I didn’t need any other accessories, really.

I ended up getting a compliment on the bracelet at my next meeting. She said it was “off the chain” haha! It’s funny because the bracelet has chains. Oh, dorky humor, you get me every time!

Marvy Accessory Monday: Embroidered Galoshes

I was at this event at Snap Boutique in Hyde Park and found today’s Marvy Accessory: Embroidered Galoshes.

The ones that first caught my eye were the “Who Dey” ones. They would come in quite handy with all the rainy/snowy Bengal games sure to come – and *bonus* they’re super cute! Then I saw some with “UC” on them… I got to thinking, hmm, can you get anything put on these adorable galoshes?

So, I asked someone at Snap what the story was with them.

She said they’re $85 and you can get anything you want put on them (embroidery is included in the cost). You can choose the color of thread they use to embroider too. She said they’ve had everything from sorority letters to skulls embroidered on them.

She said monograms are also an option. I thought about it for a minute. And being that my name is Amy Storer-Scalia, that would make for an “ASS” monogram … sure, would be a great conversation starter, but I think I’ll pass. : )

I’m seriously considering getting some. I just can’t decide what to get embroidered on them. Ideas?

snap boutique
Who Dey galoshes (click to enlarge)
snap boutique
UC galoshes (click to enlarge)


A funny convo started on my Facebook page about what an Ocho Cinco fan should get embroidered on their galoshes…
ocho cinco

Marvy Accessory Monday: Azhand Shokohi

Bracelet designed by Azhand Shokohi (click to enlarge)

I’m starting a new Monday trend… on Fridays, I have “Fab-u-shoe Friday“… and now on Mondays, I’ll have “Marvy Accessory Monday.”

I actually don’t have a ton of clothes. I like to just stick with basics with the wardrobe, and then keep things fresh and fun with accessories. Belts, bags, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, oh my!

So, when I have some accessories worth sharing, I’ll do so with this new Marvy Accessory Monday! Today, I’m sharing an accessory made by local designer, Azhand Shokohi.
I first learned about Azhand at Cincinnati Fashion Week. She did the jewelry in my #5 favorite look at the show. I met her for coffee just to learn more about her and that’s when I fell in love with this bracelet.

She made it from Italian yarn, added sparkle with a vintage broach, and … get this… a reclaimed piece from a chandelier! Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind because she uses vintage items and hand-makes each one.

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, and have a couple hundred bucks to spare on a local artist, I suggest you look her up to get your own marvy accessory!

Azhand Shokohi