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Countdown to V-Day: Give a (Pete) Rose

This week Iā€™m doing a ā€œCountdown to V-dayā€ series of daily blogs to give you gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

If your someone special is a sports fan (especially a Reds fan), you’re in luck. The movie “4192: The Crowning of the Hit King,” a heart-warming documentary about Pete Rose, was just released on DVD ($14.99; signature edition $69.99) and I think it’s a great idea to give as a V-day gift.

This gift idea is close to my heart because my good friend Aymie Majerski produced this movie. And a whole slew of other friends helped film it, edit it, do the animation for it, promote it. So, basically a ton of people I love and care about put their hearts and souls into making this movie. And it shows. I’m not a sports fan, and the movie had me on the edge of my seat and even in tears at the end. It’s an amazing movie. I got my dad the limited edition signature edition and he was like a kid in a candy store. I was SO excited. This is definitely a homerun gift!

Watch the “4192: The Crowning of the Hit King” trailer here: