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Recap: Braids, Buns and Bubbly at Alba Beauty Studio

We had a SUPER fun (and super packed!) “Braids, Buns and Bubbly” event at Alba Beauty Studio last week. The owner wanted to invite Cincy Chic’ers in for a fun night to showcase everything from their cocktails to their all-natural nail, hair, makeup, massage, brow and skincare services! Everyone looked SO fab as they left — here are a few pics I snapped of some of our attendees!

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Top Ten Things I Love About Cincy Style Bar

Me and my staff after getting glammed up at Cincy Style Bar!

We wrote this story about Andrea and Ashley Lauren, the co-owners of Cincy Style Bar last week. We also have a Cincy Chic staff spa night there this Thursday… so it has me thinking about how much I adore them there. Not just Andrea and Ashley, but their team, business, vision, how they make you feel, and just everything about their concept. So, I thought I’d do a little Top Ten list of why I love Cincy Style Bar so much… here goes:

Ashley and Andrea Lauren, co-owners of Cincy Style Bar
Ashley and Andrea Lauren, co-owners of Cincy Style Bar

#10: They are the Original Blowout and Makeup Bar in Cincinnati. ‘Nuff said.

#9: They put the studio together piece by piece. Literally, most of the furniture and remodels around the spa and salon are all done by hand by family members! It’s very shabby chic, Pinterest meets real life, sophisticated but unpretentious, hip but not hipster.

#8: They were green before it was cool to be green. Andrea and Ashley’s commitment to organic, natural and non-toxic beauty goes back to 2003, and they’ve been Cincinnati’s organic, natural and non-toxic full service salon and spa since 2012. So, as long-time advocates it has been a dream come true for them to create a safe beauty haven for their guests. Oh, and because it’s eco-friendly, it’s all preggo-friendly. You don’t realize how much toxic stuff you put on and in your body until you’re pregnant. Simple things like getting your roots touched up or a pedi with a friend becomes a headache to find a place that uses non-toxic products. That is, unless you go to Cincy Style Bar.

Me after popping in for a quick braid at their blowout bar
Me after popping in for a quick braid at their blowout bar

#7: They have great hours. It’s actually really rare for a salon and spa to be open seven days a week, plus they’re also available outside of our posted hours if arrangements are made.

#6: It’s perfect for groups. They host nail, tanning, blowout, makeup, bachelorette and kids parties, and also do group makeup lessons. I love taking my staff there because they have a whole separate room for groups. It feels like you rented out an entire spa just for you. Plus, you can have some people getting nails, some getting pedis, but still be able to see and chat with each other because you’re in the same room. I can’t think of anywhere else in Cincinnati you can get this!

#5: They come to you. If you have a special occasion like a wedding or event (we’ve had them come do our fashion show models before), they do on-location services, which is SO nice!

The staff and I enjoying a pamper party in their private spa area
The staff and I enjoying a pamper party in their private spa area

#4 Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep. This is actually what we just wrote the Cincy Chic story about last week. They of course do the typical hair and makeup for brides day-of. But what I love about them is that they also offer a package of stuff a bride could (and should) do prior to the big day, such as facials, waxing, hair coloring and cuts, massages, nails and airbrush tanning. It’s nice to have everything included in one package and have one place to go for it all.

Drew lookin' smooth with his new 'do!
Drew lookin’ smooth with his new ‘do!

#3 Men’s Services. So, last year, I took my staff here for our annual spa day, and Drew on my team opted to get a haircut instead of the facials all of us gals were getting. He FREAKED out because he said it was the best haircut he’s ever gotten. He’s been going to the same girl ever since. They have a really extensive men’s services menu, which is nice. Guys gotta get their groom on too!

#2: They have really nice drink menu. Yes, you read that right. You can get spa’ed while sipping on a cocktail. Doesn’t that sound nice? And I have to tell you, those cocktails are DEEEELISH! They have a liquor license so they have a large lounge and cocktail menu with discounts for drinks bought during a service. They also offer complimentary local favorites, like Carabello Coffee and Eschencha Teahouse tea.

Me after getting spray tanned the day prior, and up-do and makeup all from Cincy Style Bar! LOVED this look! Keep in mind, I had really short hair and they made it look like I had tons of it!
Me after getting spray tanned the day prior, and up-do and makeup all from Cincy Style Bar! LOVED this look! Keep in mind, I had really short hair and they made it look like I had tons of it!

#1: Great Retail. Ever leave the salon and wish you could recreate the look? Next time, ask your stylist to teach you the techniques as they’re doing them, and then also ask exactly what products they’re using. A lot of times, this is the secret sauce to being able to recreate the look. And a lot of the products help to extend the time between salon visits — for example, I finally splurged on good fade resistant shampoo and conditioner the last time I was at the salon and it’s really helped to keep my color looking fab. They also have really nice skin care and makeup — all of course toxin free and good for ya!

Ok, that’s my Top Ten list (I feel very David Letterman-y! haha!) for why I love Cincy Style Bar! So now it’s time for you to find your reasons! Check them out at http://www.cincystylebar.com or in person at 2882 Wasson Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209.

Staff Pamper Night at Alba Organic Beauty Studios!

Cincy Chic staff pamper night in our PJs!


It’s been a crazy year here at Cincy Chic! In January we celebrated eight years since launching (yes, EIGHT!!!), but since Lola was so little, and my right-hand-woman Stephanie also just had a baby, we delayed our annual staff outing.

In the past, we’ve done limo rides, shopping sprees, and fancy dinners. But I think after introducing two humans into the world, and the staff absorbing our responsibilities while we recovered, all anyone really wanted to do was spend a day at the spa.

Drew's new 'do! (by Lisa Walker at Alba Beauty Studios)
Drew’s new ‘do! (by Lisa Walker at Alba Beauty Studios)

During my pregnancy, I tried to go organic with everything from the foods I ate to the beauty products I used. I started spending a lot of time at Alba Organic Beauty Studios in Hyde Park and LOVED it. So, naturally that was the first place I wanted to go for the staff night.

When I called, they were amazing with all the planning of services and working around our schedules. They even did our nail services in the private studio space next door so we could all be in the same room getting our manis and pedis done! This would be a great place to take a bridal party to get primped before the big day! They also just got a liquor license, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything — you can just order it there! (I suggest the Moscow Mule! Delish!)

We all got facials, massages, manis and pedis (and our dapper dude Drew got a new ‘do we’re DYING over!). Everyone love love loved it, so I wanted to do a post to give props and recommend them if you have a group you want to take to a spa/salon. Alba is the place to go! Oh, and they also share good deals if you “like” them on Facebook!

Eco-Chic Fashion Show Details Released!

We just published details about our March event! I’m really pumped about it because it’s going to be hosted at one of my favorite venues in town, ADC, the “gallery in the sky.” On the walls of the gallery (special just for our event!) the owner, Litsa Spanos, is going to feature local artists who use eco-conscious, repurposed materials in their pieces. Also, we’re doing a different spin for the fashion show — it’s going to be an hair/makeup show by the stylists at Alba Organic Beauty Studio (they use all organic and non-toxic products!). It’s also going to be a fundraiser and drive for clothing/jewelry donations. See below for all the details — hope to see you there!!


Eco-Chic Fashion Show

When: March 26 6-9pm

Where: ADC. 310 Culvert St., 5th Floor Cincinnati OH 45202

What: View eco-chic hair/makeup fashion show and eco-conscious art by area artists. shop local businesses, enjoy refreshments, and a swag bag valued at $250. Tickets are $10/pp, and all proceeds benefit St. Vincent dePaul. Plus, receive a raffle ticket for each gently used item brought for donation (click here to see list of requested items). From jewelry and boutique gift certificates to spa and salon packages, more than $3,000 in fab prizes are up for grabs!

Learn more and RSVP: http://ecfs.eventbrite.com

Hosted by: Cincy Chic, the only online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati

Supporting Sponsors: PNC Bank, Cors & Bassett Attorneys at Law LLC, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Fashion Show Sponsor: Alba Organic Beauty Studios and Cincy Organic Stylebar

Booth Sponsors: Mary Kay with Emily Stalf, Thirty-One Gifts with Beth Merritt, Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal, Champion Windows, Allusions, Maui Whitening – West Chester

Eco-Chic Fashion Show

New Loyalty Program at Cincy Organic Stylebar!

I just got an email from my gals at Cincy Organic Stylebar because they’re offering a new Loyalty Program! I’m always telling people where I get my hair done, so now I’ll be earning points for it! haha! 🙂 Check out all the details below about it!

Rewards program or not, I actually really do love going there and telling people about it. I initially started going when I was preggo because they’re all organic, and I stayed because they do an amazing job on color (I go to Megan there FYI) and cuts, and their people are SUPER nice, talented and accommodating (they have been great with adding on last minute mani/pedi services, or fitting me in for a hair appt when I find a window in my busy mama schedule, and also making events special when I’ve brought my Cincy Chic team in for pampering!) HIGHLY recommended!!!


Dancing for the Stars Recap

I’ve never teared up putting away a pair of shoes before, but tonight I did. I’m so sad that my long, fun, and challenging experience of Dancing for the Stars is over.

Of course, having a type-A personality, not winning wasn’t part of my plan. 🙂 But that’s ok, because those who did win – and everyone who participated for that matter – did an amazing job and should be commended for supporting a good cause, and dedicating their time, heart and resources to the competition.

And that’s the thing I took away from this competition. I really, truly committed to this. I put everything out there. I spent absolutely every minute I possibly could either learning choreography with Brian McNamee at Cincinnati Ballroom Company (who is an INCREDIBLE instructor by the way), or at home in my kitchen twirling around, knocking over pots and pans trying to practice.

So, after one sore back, seven lost pounds, 60+ hours of dance practice, 35 hours of Amy Kirchen‘s dress making, and seven hours at the Alba Beauty Studio getting beautified… I can officially say I came, I went, and I conquered my samba.

In six years since starting Cincy Chic, I’ve never committed so much heart, soul and time to something that wasn’t business-related. I did this for me. To rip myself away from my phone and computer a few times a week to dance. To challenge myself beyond my comfort zone. To learn something new. To become something new.

I can successfully say that I did all of that and more. I’ve never felt more beautiful and confident than I did on that dance floor Saturday night. And that is my reward. I’ve now fallen completely, madly and deeply in love with dancing.

So, as I put my dance shoes away tonight, I just had to say… Thank you old friends for the journey. Hopefully you won’t stay on the shelf long.


My hair and makeup by Megan Corcoran at Alba Beauty Studio
My hair by Megan Corcoran at Alba Beauty Studio and makeup by Andrea Lauren at Cincy Style Bar
A sneak peek of my dress right before I went on stage!
A sneak peek of my dress right before I went on stage!


(I’ll update this post with a link to more pics, as soon as I get them!)

Eco-Fab Fashion Show a HUGE Success!

WOW! What a great event we had on Friday with our fourth-annual Eco-Fab Fashion Show! We had more than 400 attendees, raised lots of awareness and money for the Civic Garden Center, and brought a lot of attention to locally-based “green” businesses! The fashion show featured Loveland-based Lur Apparel, which makes its apparel from 100% recycled materials, and hair/makeup by Alba Beauty Studios which is an organic salon/spa! Click here to see all the pics but here are a few of my faves… I loved the model’s dress (I’ve never seen recyclables look so stylish!) and a gal wearing one of the “no sew infinity scarves” we taught attendees how to make! Love it!

bilde (1)
An attendee models her no sew infinity scarf she made at the event
Dress by Lur Apparel and hair/makeup by Alba Beauty Studio in Hyde Park

Sara Benjamin’s event this Thursday!

clickJoin in on the fun with shopping and champagne at the NEW Sara Benjamin’s. Hmmm… shopping and champagne… they’re on to something… these are two of my favorite things! 🙂

At the all-day event, you’ll get the first look at all the new styles that have arrived at this newly revamped boutique! So, stop by any time this Thursday from 10am-7pm to enjoy refreshment and 20% off while checking out the store’s new look!

Personal styling, hair and makeup consultations will happen from 12-4 p.m. with Alba Beauty Studio and FashionCincy!

Cincy Chic does a ton of work with both Alba and Fashion Cincy, so anything they’re involved in is a must-see event! I’ll definitely be stopping by! See you there!

Visit Sara Benjamin’s website or Facebook page to learn more.

Recap: Cincy Chic’s 6th Anniversary Staff Pamper Party

(L-R) Bri Pennington our online brand manager; Drew Ross our General Manager; Me, Cincy Chic Publisher; Stephanie Zastawa our VP of Operations; and Kerry Francis our event planner

On Jan. 15, 2007 I launched Cincy Chic. That means the publication turned 6 on Tuesday… and the Chic staff and I celebrated in style! It was all a surprise to them, so it was fun to plan and treat them to a great night out together! We started the night at Cincy Style Bar/Alba Beauty Studio in Hyde Park. They treated us to blow outs, makeup and nails, as well as champagne, light bites, and even chocolate cake for us! How sweet!! Then, Jill with AVE photography came by to get photos of our glammed up team before we headed out to Cumin for dinner. While enjoying dindin, (which was DELICIOUS by the way – highly recommend Cumin for a date night or special occasion!) I gave them some special gifts from Jewels by Jules in Montgomery.

I got the gals some gold/gemstone bangle bracelets and coordinating teardrop earrings (all in colors I thought matched their personality/style), and I got the lucky guy of the group a Marines watch. The watch was one of those chunky watches, with a over-sized face, and thick leather band – very cool. Plus, a portion of each purchase benefits the USMC! Ah, I digress (I could talk about shopping all day)…

We had a fabulous time getting pampered, wining, and dining. Check out the video below of our pamper party transformation! And thanks for your readership support throughout the past six years – here’s to many more Chic years in the future!