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A Stylish Day at Atelier in Hyde Park Square


Me and Arlene with all my fab finds!


I’ve been friends with Arlene Aranzamendez for years. She’s always been a creative person. When I first met her, she was running her own graphic design and web development company, and did jewelry design on the side. Little by little, her passion for jewelry design grew (and so did the demand for what she was making!) and she made a career shift to focus more on jewelry design than the graphic/web design.

A little over two years ago, she opened up a women’s clothing and accessories boutique in Madeira, called “Atelier by Adorn USA” selling select clothing and accessories from other high-end designers, as well as her own designs under the brand name “Konstantin.” Her pieces — which are PETA-friendly, colorful pieces made with man-made and earth-sourced materials — have since landed her partnerships with retailers including Anthropologie and NastyGal.

Last year, she moved to a beautiful, and much bigger, boutique space on Hyde Park Square (right next to Tanya’s Salon). I’ve been meaning to get to her new boutique ever since she moved, but life has been SUPER hectic. I finally made it last week, though, and I’m so glad I did.

Not only was it gorgeous, bright and sunny, but I felt like a princess. Yes, she’s my friend, but I know she would have treated me the same regardless. She offered some fresh, cold-pressed juice from the Juicery across the street. Then we sat down and talked … about me (eek!). She asked about everything from metal allergies, colors I like to wear, problem areas I’d like to conceal, areas I’d like to highlight… to what my days are like from start to finish.

I explained that I get up early to get myself ready, and then the little one wakes up and I get her ready for the day. Then we hop in the car to take her to my mother-in-law’s who watches her while I’m out on appointments. I’ll be in and out of appointments (and the car) all day, and then I usually am hosting or attending an event at night.

“So you need fabrics that don’t wrinkle in the car, wash well if the little one has dirty hands, are comfortable but look professional throughout your day of meetings and events…”

“Yes, exactly… does that even exist?”

The answer was yes, and she pulled out a stack of things she had already pulled for me by looking at things I wore in Facebook photos. And then, she pulled additional items based on our conversation.

It was honestly the most personalized shopping experience I’ve ever had. I felt like she wanted me to leave with pieces that feel like they were made for me. And I did. I left with three outfits (two dresses and a skirt/top) with matching accessories. I can’t wait to share pics of me wearing them (I know I’ll be wearing one to the Haute Hyde Park event that Arlene is sponsoring!) Everything I got was just STUNNING… but the best part is that they fit my style — and lifestyle — perfectly.

I just wanted to share this experience with you in case you’re looking for a little personalized experience to find something perfect for you, too.

Atelier is located at 2716 Erie Avenue, on the 2nd Floor next to Tanya’s Salon. To learn more, visit Atelier’s website and follow along on Facebook!


Atelier Celebrates One-Year Anniversary, New Location


In less than two months, Local Entrepreneur, Arlene Aranzamendez, will be celebrating the one year anniversary launch of her first brick and mortar boutique Atelier (currently at 7892 Camargo Rd., Cincinnati, OH, 45243). This week, Aranzamendez announced she is in the process of moving the store to a new retail location in Hyde Park Square (2716 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208; 2nd floor).


“It’s been a developmental year for our business,” said Aranzamendez. “Our signature handmade jewelry line Konstantin was picked up by several reputable vendors including Antrhopologie.com and the The Autry National Center Museum in Los Angeles – most recently, Nasty Gal has requested to carry our line.”


In addition to Konstantin, Atelier also offers curated custom and designer clothing, as well as other accessories such as handbags, antique jewelry clothing and gifts.  


“Hyde Park Square will be a great new home for our boutique – we couldn’t be more excited,” added Aranzamendez.   


About Arlene Aranzamendez

Arlene Aranzamendez started her career with Insignia Design Associates in 1995 and worked there for five years before moving on to LPK, an international design agency based in Cincinnati. In 2004, she founded her award-winning web design and branding company, Aranzamendez Design. The company focused on helping small- and medium-sized businesses successfully launch their brands, and gave “facelifts” to 100-plus-year brands. Most recently, she launched ADORN USA, which features custom-made, high-end, but affordable jewelry and bags exhibited in the showroom in Los Angeles. The product line includes artisanal hand-crafted works, such as pieces from six select designers, as well as Aranzamendez’s personal line, Konstantin. She is concentrating on building the ADORN USA brand and has plans to expand to New York and the East Coast Market. Arlene is also working on distribution through regional boutiques, trunk shows, and eventually prime department stores such as Barneys, Henri Bendel, and Nordstrom. She launched her first boutique Atelier in 2014.

Wearable Art Fashion Show Recap

Our fifth annual Wearable Art Fashion Show was a HUGE success! We had more than 225 attendees come out to support our charity — The Arts Alliance (we raised about $1k for them at the event!) — and see Atelier‘s first runway show since opening their shop in Madeira this June!

I wasn’t able to make the show because the doc says Baby Scalia is showing signs of coming any time now… and, as much as I’m sure she’ll love fashion, I didn’t want to have her AT the fashion show!:)

So….luckily, my sister in law Melissa Scalia, who runs The Style Eye site, came through for me in a clutch and filled in for me as emcee and sent me pics to make me feel like I was there!

I loved all the fashions from the boutique and AMAZING jewelry designed by Arlene Aranzamendez, owner of Atelier and a long-time jewelry designer. Such big, beautiful statement pieces …truly “wearable art”!! And the hair/makeup was phenomenal too! Big shout out to Coco Creative Wellness for their awesome work!

Check out some snapshots from the show below! We’ll post the professional ones — and the hilarious photo booth pics!! — to Cincy Chic’s site shortly!