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Review: Blowout Z Bar

Stephanie, my right hand woman at Cincy Chic, and I are both new moms, so we don’t get as much girl-time in as we used to. But we had a Go Red for Women luncheon to go to last week, and we decided to make a day of it and go get blowouts together before the event.

We wanted to check out the new Blowout Z Bar because I was coming from the north and she lives in Northern Kentucky, and we had to be downtown afterwards. So with Blowout Z Bar being in the Fairfax area off of Red Bank, it was super convenient to everything!

We arrived and were immediately handed ice water and hot coffee (yes, a new mama’s very rare opportunity to drink hot coffee… as in not cold from sitting there as you chase your kiddo around all morning to get them fed and dressed! haha!) We then looked at the menu to decide which kind of style we wanted. You could go for big and voluminous, curly or beach waves, or more straight and sleek (cute names for each, after American icons like Sophia, Marilyn, Jackie…) Once we chose our styles, we were whisked away to get the most relaxing shampoo and scalp massages of our entire lives. I’m drifting off just thinking about it again….ahhhhh….

After that, the blowout began and I got to talking with my stylist about what makes a blowout different than washing/drying at home, why are they good for your hair, how long the blowouts usually last, and what you can do at home to prolong the results. Below is the list of what she told me.

As for the results, WOW were we impressed! We both got exactly the looks we asked for (watch the video above to see our before/afters). Our hair looked fab all day and both our blowouts did last three days each with the stylist’s tips! Highly recommended! Learn more about them (the owner said they’ll be opening more locations soon!) on their website www.blowoutzbar.com!

Blowouts are an awesome way to care for your hair. When your tresses are expertly blown out your style lasts longer. Which means less heat. Which equals less damage. Blowouts are also a great way to train your hair to be less greasy. A good goal would be to wash 2-3 times a week.

To sleep: Put your hair up (loosely)in a high bun and a fabric hair tie to avoid deep creases and tangles. Use a satin pillow case, or scarf offers less friction and won’t dry out your ends.

To style: Light hold hair spray to revive curls and hold the style in place. Keep a wand or curling iron to replace a few curls.

To shower: Wear a shower cap preferably one lined with cotton to give you an added layer of protection. Once you’re out of the shower, be cautious of the humid air post shower because it can cause frizz. So, take your hair down in a different room.

Days 2-4: Dry shampoo is your friend. Grab small sections, hold the can inches away (put simply, hold the can far enough that it doesn’t build up in one place), and mist. Work it in with your fingertips. Dry shampoo also works as a root boost. Win-win!

Last days: have fun with braids buns and ponies!

Review: Zephyr Blowout Salon

Wow. That’s the word that keeps coming to mind when I think about the amazingness that is Zephyr Blowout Salon. They did the hair for the fashion show at our “New Year, New You” event on Friday, and I was blown away (pardon the pun).

I sat down them their team at the event to learn a little more about them — the Q&A is below, along with some of my favorite looks from the show. ENJOY! And DEFINITELY give them a call if you need your hair to look the best it’s ever looked for a special event (or a day where you just need to look and feel fab!) 🙂 Click here to visit their site or click here to like them on FB!

1) What made you want to work in the salon industry and become the owner of Zephyr Blowout Salon? Cincy Chic did an awesome story on us about our backstory. Click here to check it out.

 2) Why did you choose to focus on blowouts? I was working as a corporate event planner and was ready for something else.  In the fall of 2013 my Dad pointed out an article in the NYT about DryBar franchising.  I had been to other blowout bars in other cities over the past couple of years and loved it!  At the time I was hair inept and would take any opportunity for someone else to style my hair.  Needless to say, interest was piqued, and I applied for one of their franchises.  At the time, they were focusing more on their corporately owned salons and were not taking outside franchisees.  After hearing that my Dad and I decided to open our own blowout salon.  My Dad and brother-in-law are entrepreneurs and owning something of my own has always been something I wanted to do.

3) What inspired you to choose the name “Zephyr” besides the definition of the word? A Zephyr is a wind from the west or a gentle breeze.  

When I was telling my Dad the way I wanted the salon to look like (ie. ice blue, white, shine) he started thinking of names.  The word lends itself not only to the look of the salon but also the dryers (blowing).  

My Dad and I are also huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fans and the Zephyr Song is our favorite RHCP song.  🙂 

4) What makes getting a blowout at Zephyr unique compared to other salons or doing it yourself? There are the obvious reasons: not having to do your hair yourself, your hair looks better styled by a professional, etc.  

However, there are technical reasons as well: a blowout’s main component is round brushing the hair.  Anyone can round brush their hair, however, it is near impossible to get the tension you need to stretch the hair out and set it.  Also, there is no way a person can get the angle they need to round brush the back of their head as well as someone that is standing directly behind them.  

A Zephyr Blowout is unique because of the product we use and our method.  We are a Pureology exclusive salon.  Pureology is Redken’s high-end brand.  It is made specifically for color-treated hair and they have amazing styling products.  At Zephyr we provide custom blowouts.  We don’t have a book for people to choose a style they see on someone else.  Each client gets a consult before their shampoo where the stylist assesses their hair (as to choose the correct shampoo) and talks to them about what style they want and what will look best with their face shape/ dress their wearing/ where they’re wearing their blowout.  That way they are getting a blowout that is specific to their needs, for both their hair and the style they want.  Pureology is a very extensive line and we don’t use the same combo of products on anyone.  

5) What kinds of parties do you typically host? We’ve been open for about 18 months and over that time we’ve host all kinds!  Bachelorette parties, birthday parties (little girls and adults), day of wedding parties, networking events, Beauty Basic Training (clients come in and learn how to style hair from our stylists and makeup from the Nordstrom Trish McEvoy team). The salon is available to rent for any party or event!

6) Can all types of hair get a Zephyr blowout? Yes, absolutely!  Any hair can get blown out and like I said we have different products for different hair types.

7) How long can a blowout last and do I need to buy any special products to maintain my blowout? A blowout is setting a lasting style…think about when your Grandmother would go to the salon every week and get her hair set.  It’s the modern day version!  We have clients that come weekly and don’t wash it between blowouts.

A blowout can last as long as you maintain it.  You can do thinks like sleeping with it up in a loose bun, showering with a shower cap to keep any moisture from getting to the hair, not touching it a lot (something most women struggle with), adding to the style as the week goes on (throwing some curls in), using Dry Shampoo (on the root and hitting it with the dryer) & Dry Condition (on the ends to freshen them up).  We also have other Pureology styling products that you can use on dry hair and pump a style back up.  

8) Will continuous blowouts damage my hair? Continually getting blowouts and maintaining them are actually better for your hair.  You are not stripping your hair with multiple shampoos/dries/styles a week (think more heat!) 

9)  How far in advance should I schedule an appointment? We recommend calling the week of for a weekend appointment or for a weekday appointment calling the day before or day of should be okay.

We are open:

  • 11a-7p Tuesday (Just started in 2016/ appointments available upon request)
  • 11a-7p Wednesday-Friday (Early AM appointments are available upon request starting at 7a)
  • 9a-7p Saturday
  • 10a-3p Sunday (Appointments upon request)

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