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“Elevate Your Environment” with Jane Scott

Earlier this month, I told you about my friend Jane Scott at Borcherding Buick GMC and did a video so you could virtually meet her. And I thought I’d just revisit it after thinking about it. It’s National Women’s Health Week this week, and I just went to our Cincy Chic Women’s Health Expo where we had 40+ health and wellness businesses set up.

There, we had a speaker, a cardiologist, talk about heart health. She didn’t just talk about the “eat right and exercise” stuff that I was expecting. She talked about “elevating your environment,” which she explained means the people you have in it — positive, helpful, uplifting, stress-reducing, kind people. She went on to say that we as women need to help other women in this. At work. With friends. With family. With those we do business with.

I don’t know why but I kept thinking about my friend Jane when the speaker was talking. Actually, I know why. It’s because she IS that positive, helpful, uplifting, stress-reducing, kind person. I wish I could clone her and put a person like her in all aspects of my life because that would certainly elevate my environment.

I mean, dealing with anything car-related is scary and stressful. Finding a car that’s a good fit for you, your family, and your budget (and looks good is a plus) is tough. Then figuring out the finance part is tough. Then keeping it running is tough. I know it sounds cliche, but Jane truly does make all of that easier.

Just as an example, she will HAVE YOUR CAR PICKED UP if you need any kind of service or oil change. How amazing is that? It’s the little things she takes care of that makes the difference between a super stressful or no-big-deal situation (“my car is dinging at me all the way to work that my oil level is low, but how am I going to find time to sit and wait for an oil change when I have kids to pick up from school, activities to take them to and dinner to make??”…. OR “Oh, it’s time for an oil change! I’ll call Jane when I get to my office and she can have it taken care of while I’m at work.” DONE!)

And I’m not the only one singing Jane’s praises. Here’s a testimonial she said she just got from another local lady who she just helped this week: “Jane, I can’t thank you enough for all you did for our family and going above and beyond. You were professional, kind, and very caring. I will be sending all our family and friends your way, because it show you really care for the customer.”

So, if you want to chat with her or know someone who should, here’s her contact info: JScott@borcherding.com or 513-239-2022

Review: Jane Scott at Borcherding Buick GMC

Need a fresh new ride? Then definitely give my friend Jane Scott at Borcherding Buick GMC a call! I just LOVE her and how she goes way above and beyond. Hellooo, she even picks up your car for service!! How nice is that!? She also really, really knows her stuff (been in the biz for over a decade) and explains it in a way I understand. So, if you want to chat with her or know someone who should, here’s her contact info: JScott@borcherding.com or 513-239-2022