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Prego Poshness

Today has been maternity news mania!

I just learned that the new Hot Mama store in Kenwood Towne Store (which I told you about in January) will be opening in May. It will be located in the mall near Nordstrom apparently.

Then, my friend Brandi who runs SassyMamaBoutique.com, posted on my facebook wall to tell me about a new online show called “Strut – The Fashionable MomShow.” Brandi wrote all about it here, you can visit the Strut site here, and I embedded the trailer for the show below.


As if that wasn’t enough baby bump breaking news… I got an email from one of my clients, Boutique 280. Amanda, the owner, told me that they not only have a huge sale going on right now (up to 50% off!), and a fun event coming up for moms on Feb. 24, but they also just made a big announcement today about offering Maternity Concierge Services. So, I just had to share all this great news with my mommy maven readers! Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Event, Sale at Boutique 280

Boutique 280 is doing a Trunk Show for The Magic Wardrobe, which is located in Middleburg, VA. Amanda, the owner of Boutique 280, tells me it’s the most charming place she’s ever been, so I can’t wait to get a taste of Middleburg right here in Cincinnati! The trunk show is for their private label and will be the 14th-17th.

On Valentine’s Day, Boutique 280 is partnering up with its neighbor, the Honeybee children’s bookstore. There will be a concert by Jennifer Ellis, photo sessions by Creative Kids Portraiture (pics can be a maternity shot for a mom-to-be or for a little one) and lots of Valentine’s Day treats. Boutique 280 will be offering some “sweet” discounts as well!

Contact Amanda for more info: Amanda Kranias, 513-527-4280, Amanda@boutique280.com

Babylegs at Boutique280

This year, I got to play Santa to my adorable little niece and nephew! I have to say, Christmas is SO much more fun with kids around!!

One of the things I got were “Babylegs” from Boutique280 in Madeira. They can be used as leg warmers or sleeves. And they come in all different designs. Plus, they scrunch, so the kiddos don’t grow out of them very fast.

I got my nephew Ben some Bengals themed Babylegs because he’s going to be a pro linebacker and buy his Aunt Amy lots of fancy shoes! haha! One can wish! 🙂