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Butts, Besties and Bubbles

Every Tuesday for the past five years, I’ve been getting together with my closest girlfriends for what we’ve come to know as “Champagne Tuesday.” We share a bottle of champagne at various spots around town. It’s a great way to catch up with each other and also check out new Tri-State hotspots.

Occasionally, we’ll get together at one of our homes for a special event or activity, like making crafts, giving Christmas gifts, or a product-testing event. We’ve done jewelry and skincare parties before, but this time it will be a “Find Your Fit” party… something new that Lee Jeans is about to launch.

Lee contacted me through the blog here, and told me about the new “Find Your Fit” party concept and asked if I would be interested in giving a party a try with my girlfriends. So, I’m planning a fun “Butts, Besties and Bubbles” (I’m such a sucker for alliteration! haha!) event for me and the CT girls next Tuesday. Who wouldn’t love to hang out with their gal pals while getting their butt lookin’ good in a new pair of jeans! 🙂

Lee had each attendee fill out a survey about what we currently wear, struggles with finding the perfect fit, and what kinds of things we want with our “perfect” pair of jeans. There will be a Lee trend expert at the party to help fit each gal and teach us some tips and tricks, so I can’t wait for it! I’ll keep you updated on how it went after the event next Tuesday! Stay tuned…

The Multi-Purpose Denim Shirt

My husband recently bought me a denim shirt. It’s super cute, but probably not something I would have picked out for myself. Pete and I don’t really randomly buy things for each other like this (I’m liking this new trend though! haha!) So, to encourage more repeat purchases, I want to wear it often! 🙂

Searching for inspiration, I relied on my trusty new friend Pinterest and it didn’t disappoint. Don’t know what Pinterest is? We wrote about it here in Cincy Chic and I actually just wrote a whole article about what it is on my friend Storm Bennett’s site, so click here to read that.

I found a ton of great ideas for how to wear my top, and it turns out that I’m going to be able to wear this a TON! From dressy and business to boho and casual. I’m excited!

Check out the video I developed below to see the “12 ways to wear a denim top” montage I put together!


Meet the Jeanius of Denim

I’ve written about my struggle with finding the perfect pair of jeans before. It’s something every woman deals with on a regular basis. Or daily basis to be honest. I had a skinny day yesterday and I’m having a put-me-in-a-muumuu day today. So, the saga continues…

I was talking about this with Lindsey, the marketing director over at Saks. And we came up with the idea to bring in a “jeanius” denim expert, and have a luncheon Q&A to learn all the tricks and tips you need to know to find your dream denim. So, that’s what we’re going to do on March 18 from 12-1 at the Saks Fifth Ave. downtown. Space is limited, but if you get in, you’ll get complimentary lunch and a 15% discount on your purchases that day!

Please RSVP by  March 16th to rsvp@cincychic.com or call (513) 721-2445. See you there!

Jean LNL

Oh, and PS, Saks has their beauty week going on this week. They have super cute (black, pink or yellow) animal print bags with purchase of $75/more. I got the yellow because it reminds me of sun… you know, that thing we haven’t seen much of lately?! : )

Me and my new yellow tote are going to hang out in my matching sunshine-y yellow room ’til summer is here! : )

JEANious Jeggings


The English language is about to get a lot more fashionable. Apparently “jeggings” (jeans + leggings) are waiting to be introduced to the Oxford English Dictionary.

I first heard this term in an e-mail I got from obsess boutique a couple months ago. I asked some friends if they had ever heard of  jeggings before. I found out that one of my friends had just purchased some in Chicago and said “I know it sounds dramatic, but they’ve changed my life.”

I knew I needed to come in contact with these creatures of fabulosity if they were changing my friends’ lives and becoming a staple in the English language. Obsess is the only place I knew of in town with them, so, I waited until a skinny day to try them on. Thanks to my new Wii Fit (love the hula hoop game!) that day came and I made the visit.

It was like I stepped into some magical wonderland. My butt miraculously lifted, my thighs slimmed, my silhouette streamlined. They looked good with stilettos. They slid perfectly into boots. They looked amazingly chic with a blouse, belt and pumps. They made a sweater and killer ankle boots look beautiful and less bulky.

Especially after a huge snowstorm like we had this week, I was worried about not having the warmth that “real” pants offer. But what I discovered is that the jeggings are actually made out of real denim material. They have an extra dose of lycra, thus much more elasticity, built into the material than usual. So you get the form fitting perks of leggings, and the warmth and coverage of jeans. Quite the stylish combo, if you ask me.

obsess boutique jeans
Jeggings from obsess boutique (regularly $125, 20% off right now)

Now, I must warn you, not all jeggings are created equal. Some, like these bebe jeggings,  just have the zipper and pockets screenprinted on. Not a big fan of that. Others are following new floral trend (looks too Grandma-ish for my taste). And still others claim to be jeggings, but they’re just skinny jeans. To be jeggings, they must be made of denim but look and feel like leggings (aka tapered) which is important if you’re looking to stuff them into boots.

Although they are versatile, there are ways you shouldn’t wear them. Treat these jean hybrids like leggings: Avoid tucking anything into them or wearing cropped tops. And wearing sneakers with them is a huge fashion no-no.

These black beauties (left) are originally $125 at obsess, but they’re 20% off right now. Not sure when the sale ends, so don’t worry about waiting for a skinny day. Every day in jeggings is a skinny day! Try some on for yourself today!

*First photo courtesy of FashionPolice.net
*Second photo courtesy of obsess boutique