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New Tracey Vest Feather Earrings

My new peacock feather earrings by Tracey Vest

I just adore Tracey Vest. She’s a local designer who has a mantra of “go big and fabulous or go home.” I’ve written about her a bunch here on my blog.

She’s known for her big statement accessories, especially with the use of feathers. Well, she’s up to something new: feather earrings. And I’m obsessed.

I’m now a proud owner of several pairs: bright pink, light pink, black, and… my favorite… peacock.

Without fail, I get at least one compliment every time I wear the peacock ones. (The last one came from a very unsuspecting quiet emo boy on Fountain Square. Very funny!)

They’re about $25 for a pair, and they’re sooo comfortable. Dare I say… light as a feather? : )

Definitely check out Tracey’s new earrings for yourself. She has a great website, but her Facebook page is updated with all her newest creations. She also has inventory at Eulas in Silverton, too!

Also, something else to think about… I know feather extensions are super popular right now (but not exactly practical for life in the professional world). So this is a way to add some fab feathered flair when you want to!