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The Barre Code Opens April 22!

A few months ago, we caught wind of (and of course wrote about) an exciting new fitness studio would be making its way to downtown Cincinnati… The Barre Code!

Essentially it’s a one-stop shop for cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and restoration. The Chicago co-founders, Ariana Chernin and Jillian Lorenz, developed a full-bodied program six years ago, determined to change the way women perceive their own strength: the focus is always placed on what we have to gain, not lose. And women are loving it! In fact, it was named by Self Magazine as one of the best workouts in the country!

Each class is unique, routines change weekly, and new formats/classes will be introduced throughout the year. Core classes, all 50mins in length, cover all of the body’s needs in a holistic exercise regimen:

  1. The original “Barre Code,” is a total-body workout of isometric holds, heavy repetition, and deep stretching
  2. The “HIITRestore” class empowers clients to reach beyond their physical, mental, and emotional limits on a three-dimensional ride of plyometrics, speedwork and agility training, paired with extensive stretch
  3. The “TBC” or bootcamp class focuses on full-range-of-motion strength training, in addition to HIIT movements

But even though the concept was started in Chicago , it’s still very much locally owned and operated! TBC Cincinnati is owned by downtown Cincinnati resident Michelle Ziegler. She has more than 15 years of dance experience and discovered The Barre Code while living in Chicago in 2013. She quickly felt at home, loved the classes, instructors and wide range of formats. In 2015, she auditioned and was selected to train as an instructor. Since as early as she can recall, aspiring for what she “wanted to be when she grew up”, Michelle has always had a strong desire and passion to run her own business one day. That one day is now!

It wasn’t until she became part of The Barre Code family that she recognized the unique opportunity to join the franchise network and make her lifelong dream a reality. She’s mom to a 6-month old daughter and is extremely proud to be raising her family in Over-the-Rhine.

So, make sure you check out TBC Cincinnati soon to open, located at 615 Main Street, just a few blocks from Fountain Square and on the streetcar line. It’ll be perfect for downtown residents and professionals looking to sneak in a workout before work, during lunch or after a busy day!

To learn more about The Barre Code, click here. You can also follow the Cincinnati studio on Facebook.

Guest Blog: Gaining Confidence

Face it ladies, working out is not the number one thing on everyone’s to do list during the day. However, there are ways that you can learn to be more confident when it comes to working out. I was inspired to do this blog post because of my personal weight loss journey. I started my weight loss journey and felt awful about the way my body looked and was constantly looking at the women around me, thinking, ”I want to look like them” or “My body is never going to look that way. However, one of main reasons why I wanted to lose weight was because I didn’t want my mom pointing out how my stomach stuck out in every shirt that I wore. I know she wasn’t trying to be condemning towards me, but it kind of hurt my feelings. After I shed a few pounds, I was happy because she wasn’t saying it, but at the same time I started gaining some confidence of my own. 

~Jessica Kopena

Here are a few tips about how to gain confidence while trying to get in shape:

  • It’s all about your mentality.


Jacqueline Harris is a stay at home mom and working out for her has always been a lifestyle. Harris’ dad was a runner growing up and even ran marathons with her and her sister Jen in the racing stroller. This lifestyle growing up helped with her mentality while getting in shape.


“You should work out because you want to take care of your body. I’ve seen so many women and men that work out because they hate their bodies or are embarrassed of where they are physically,” she said.


To the people who work out because they hate their bodies, it becomes more of a chore. Women should not become a slave to the process and worry about what everyone thinks around them.


“Working out cam be so much more freeing and rewarding if you’re doing it for the right reasons,” said Harris.


  • Compound Effect



Julie Froelich, preschool tumbling instructor and dance team coach, first got into working out 10 years ago when she was trying to lose weight. She was out of shape and began to get passionate about her health. Working out helped her to keep her mind off of the food addiction that she had and helped her to relive stress. As she began playing other sports, she continued running to stay in shape and ran her first half marathon in 2009. Since she ran her race, she hasn’t done many races but she does her best to run three times a week or more, dance, light weight training and body weight training on alternating days. This journey is how she has come up with the “Compound Effect.”


The “Compound Effect” is being proud of yourself for every little bit of progress that you make.


“This means if I only run one mile instead of two, it’s better than nothing! Or if I do 10 sit-ups instead of 50, it’s still 10 sit ups that I accomplished. That helps me to not give up on myself,” said Julie Froelich.


  • Don’t compare yourself to other women.


Lydia Bibb, teacher at Pleasant Ridge Elementary, started getting in shape because of sports, which she played in high school and college. Since she is not involved I organized sports anymore, she wanted to make sure she didn’t gain any unwanted weight. While she has been working out, she has made sure to not compare herself to other women.

This is a basic one but it truly helps in the process of getting in shape. Create the goals that are the best for you. According to Lydia Bibb, take measurements or get a starting weight and make weight loss goals that are realistic for your body.


“My goal isn’t a certain weight or to look a certain way but to just stay active,” said Bibb.


  • Think about the satisfaction when it’s done


“After a good workout, it’s like I’m on a mini high. I have more energy, I feel good about myself for having pushed through something challenging,” said Harris. “I feel like I sweat out toxins and stress that was built up in my body.”


Froelich also likes the feel when endorphins are released from your body when you put in extra work. It’s about pushing your limits and seeing how far you go, she said.


Turn It On Fitness Event April 18

Skin-baring summer is almost here, so it’s time to hit the gym! Yes… even when you don’t feel like it. But here’s something that’ll help you get out of bed in the morning… Turn it On Fitness! The idea of this line is that it’s “crossover” fitness and fashion wear. So, you can be a fashionista in and outside the gym!

My friend Juetta (former Ben-Gal cheerleader) launched the line a little over a year ago (click here to read my previous blog posts about Turn It On Fitness) and she’s been going gangbusters growing the brand and getting national press coverage.

She’s having an event in Cincinnati on April 18 with her fellow Ben-Gal friends, and you’re invited! Check out the invite below! It’s from 6-8pm, which will be held at SOTO Salon on the the Ohio. SOTO is located at 900b Adams Crossing in Cincinnati, Ohio. RSVP by calling (513)651-9889 or by emailing jaime@SOTO900b.com.


Co-Writing assistance by Guest Blogger, Sydney Murdock

Turn It On Featured in Women’s Health Magazine!

April issue of Women's Health where Turn It On Fitness is featured!
April issue of Women’s Health where Turn It On Fitness is featured!

What does Cincinnati, Women’s Health Magazine, fitness, fashion, and Shakira all have in common? Turn It On Fitness!

How, you ask? Well, Shakira’s personal trainer Anna Kaiser was featured in the April 2014 issue of Women’s Health wearing and raving about her Turn It On Fitness Speed Pant ($105), a new crossover fitness wear fashion line developed by two local ladies.

We wrote about Turn It On Fitness in Cincy Chic a few months ago here, and I blogged here about my Turn It On Karma top ($80). So, not to brag, but we totally broke this story waaaay before Women’s Health did. haha!

No, but seriously, this is SUPER impressive and I’m so proud of Juetta and Althea, the ladies behind Turn It On. This is just the first of many major publications that will be noticing your hard work and fab (and FUNCTIONAL) designs! Congrats!

“Turn It On Fitness” Crossover Fitness Fashion

The Karma Top, by Turn It On Fitness, a new Crossover Fitness Fashion line launched by two Tri-State natives.

In last week’s issue of Cincy Chic, we wrote about “Turn It On,” a new women’s clothing line launched by two Tri-State natives. It talked about how a former Ben-Gal Cheerleader and model, Juetta West, and Althea Harper, the runner up on Project Runway Season 6 and designer of her own fashion line teamed up to launch this unique “Crossover” line. It’s designed to take you from the gym to work or play (and everything in between).

Me with Juetta at coffee!
Me with Juetta at coffee!

Juetta reached out to me a few weeks ago saying she’s been a long-time reader of Cincy Chic… even once she moved to Hawaii several years ago!  I’ve been following Althea since her pre-Project Runway days, so I was so excited to read the Cincy Chic story about how she and Juetta teamed up to create this great new line. I was even more excited when Juetta said she would be in Cincinnati to do a few trunk shows to launch the line and said she could meet me for coffee!

Then, when we met, she came bearing gifts! She wanted me to try out one of their items – the Karma top – to let her know what I thought of it. The top features a loose fit with open draping back and open shoulders. It’s made of 92% Supplex® nylon and 8% spandex with moisture wicking and 4-way stretch (click here to learn about the unique kinds of fabrics they use). This top is $80 on their site, and their other tops start at $80 as well; the skirts at $90; the pants at $105 and the jackets are typically around $140.

I love my new Karma Top because I can throw it on with skinny jeans and jewelry and I’m ready to meet my girlfriends for cocktails. A blazer, dress pants and pumps for work. Or workout pants, sports bra and gym shoes for a good workout. Check out a few ways I’ve worn my new Turn It On Karma Top thus far in the pics below, and click here to check out Turn It On Fitness for yourself!