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Interview with Glamour.com’s Style Editor Tracey Lomrantz

Cincy Chic columnist, Kristie Sheanshang, had the amazing privilege of attending New York Fashion Week back in February and was chosen by Glamour.com’s Style Editor Tracey Lomrantz for a “What Are You Wearing” video segment. Coming down from the glow of hanging out with Lomrantz, Kristie was able to talk with Lomrantz about fashion tips and the latest trends she’s trying out for herself. We’re excited she was able to share her experience with us… check out her guest blog below! Enjoy!

Kristie (right) in New York

You’ve probably already heard it, as I was glowing for about a month after my first trip to NYC fashion Week, and I didn’t think it could get better…but it has!

As I mentioned back in February, I had the luck of wearing the right print on print outfit to be pulled out of the crowd and interviewed by Glamour.com’s Style Editor Tracey Lomrantz for her “What Are You Wearing?” video segment. I was in disbelief and fell into the trap of (small time) celebrity life with numerous daily visits to the website to see if my segment was aired. As I spent more and more time on the site, I started getting a better feel for Tracey – like how she has always been obsessed with fashion, to the extreme of writing down every outfit in 3rd grade to avoid repeating herself. Or the numerous times she remembers wearing new shoes out of the store – “shopping to wear” is my kind of girl. I felt like I would be her friend, if she lived locally.

Thanks to the amazing World Wide Web, I was able to contact Tracey directly and had the opportunity to ask her how to take trends from catwalk to the sidewalk.

Her first suggestion is to always focus on figure flattery, Always! Even though she is a self-declared trend-oid, she understands super oversized silhouette only look good on skinny, Kate Moss-like figures. She is also not a fan of giant clodhopper shoes, they remind her of Frankenstein. “They just look awful” she exclaimed. She is glad we are back to nice, feminine shoes.

As a girl that likes to dress in “opposites”, she suggests not being tied to one personal style, but instead to pull in aspects of Bohemian with avant-garde or add some whimsical romance to your stylish Chic. Tracey’s look is to combine six super girly pieces with two masculine, or to dress down a fancy look with two casual pieces. Her philosophy is to never look too perfect; she likes having some disparate pieces. “I’ll shop the boy’s department, but my color is hot pink!” (Mine too!)

Talking about spring trends, she mentioned orange is her color of the moment, as she just bought a great wedge shoe. She is also trying pastels again for the first time since the 80s. She loves the super feminine looks with lace, pleated skirts that are pretty and elegant.

“It is total girly overload”. She is in the market for a great 1970’s styled white pantsuit, which she will modernize.

She admitted she has never been to Cincinnati, but last summer she and her fiancé (husband as of last weekend) drove cross-country and she made a game out of stopping at local malls to connect to the typical American woman shopper. In doing so, she confidently shares which fall 2012 trends are the most wearable for Midwesterners:  – “Hats are everywhere this fall. Marc Jacob did some big crazy hats, which might be too extreme, but push yourself to try something outside a standard knit hat”. Outer wear is another big look; it was all over the runways of Tory Burch and Vera Wang. Instead of black, consider burgundy as a nice alternative that is still dark and versatile. She likes military structured jackets with brass buttons. She also stated pants are making a comeback, as is a return on separates. Look for skinny legs that are tailored and more sophisticated. Make sure you know a great tailor to ensure your best fit.

As for shoes and accessories, Tracey loves the return to the feminine shoe, especially the pencil heel, and a flat leather sandal for the day. She is wearing Lucite clear jewelry to bring in the transparency trend.

For the special guy in her life, she prefers he dress in classics. She loves a total prep wearing a well-tailored blue blazer. “Let me wear the crazy stuff.” Which according to her sister, she has always stayed ahead of fashion by wearing funky different things, which become the trend hitting the streets a year later. Tracey learned in ninth grade that she could feel cool and different by dressing to her individual style.

Her advice to a fashionista on a tight budget is to focus on accessories.  “Buy the bangle bracelet for $15 instead of an orange dress”. Don’t invest major money in trends, instead, invest in a great trench coat, great shoes, a black dress and then spend money on scarves, necklaces and bangles to change it up.

As for celebrities she has met and found to be unbelievably sweet and humble, Tracey has a serious crush on the Olson twins. “They take fashion so seriously, and are knowledgeable. Plus they are down to earth. I am really impressed each time I speak to them.”

I had a ball talking to Tracey. She has a great sense of style and lives by many of the Flair (www.Dare4Flair.com) philosophies of having a great tailor nearby; investing in classic pieces, but modernizing them with on-trend fashions; wearing one knock out, well fitting attention seeking piece per outfit and understanding the correlation between confidence in your wardrobe and the confidence in yourself.

Tracey is excited about Glamour.com’s “What Are You Wearing” video series. There are three segments available to view with more in production. “The whole vibe of the video segments is to let everyday people feel like style stars!” Trust me, it was a fantastic experience, one I won’t soon forget.

Kristie Sheanshang is a style consultant, closet cleaner, personal shopper and public speaker who enjoys helping women look and feel fantastic by finding clothes that best fit their body, lifestyle and wallet – without looking like everyone else. She writes the style column for Cincy Chic, has a monthly “Dare4Flair” TV segment on FOX 19 and represents the Etcetera clothing line as well as some private boutiques in Cincinnati, OH. Flair is a 2011 Winner – Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce WE Celebrate “Businesses WE Watch.” Sheanshang is a Certified Image Consultant and has been published in CincyChic.com, Cincinnati.com, 24-7, Style.com and 365DaysofStyle.com. Dare for Flair in your life and clothes. We will help you Discover your Style and Re-energize your wardrobe. Visit www.Dare4Flair.com for more information.

Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping put this blog post together!

Guest Blog From NYFW Show Attendee

My friend, and Cincy Chic columnist Kristie Sheanshang, is such a lucky duck. She got to go to New York Fashion Week this year and attend two incredible shows: Vera Wang and Badgley Mischka. But I’m lucky too because she offered to write a guest blog to tell us all about her amazing experience and give us insight into what she saw on the catwalks! Enjoy!

Vera Wang

Valentine’s Day this year was a day filled with dreams coming true, pure excitement and joy, but not in the traditional roses and chocolates way. I didn’t get any candy hearts or lollipops, but I sure felt like a little girl walking wide eyed into a candy shop. Thanks to a last minute trip scheduled to the Big Apple, a few nail biting phone calls and I was sitting in the fourth row of the Vera Wang and Badgley Mischka shows.

Attending New York Fashion Week was a super stretch goal I wrote down for my stylist business, Flair (www.Dare4Flair.com). It is truly a bucket list moment and I couldn’t believe it was falling into place. Landing at LaGuardia, I had to keep pinching myself, the day was truly surreal.

Since it was a spontaneous decision and not wanting to bring much luggage, my mind raced with thoughts of “Have I packed the right thing, which celebrities will we see, would the five various friends and family members be able to shuffle my kids until my husband returned from a business trip?” Fortunately I was able to twist the arm of long time friend and fellow fashionista Jen Stuhlreyer to take part in checking off a bucket list moment together.

The day was fantastic and fantasy all rolled into one.  I have no doubt that the Big Man was smiling down on me: One day, two amazing shows, seven celebrity sightings, a blogger from DNAinfo.com approaching me for my picture (wow moment), immediately followed by walking in the main theatre of Lincoln Center and a girl from Glamour.com approaching me for an interview. It really took me off guard, I thought it was a joke to be honest, but there was the camera man and chic interviewer Tracey Lomrantz of “What Are You Wearing?” asking about my print on print outfit (double wow moment). After we chatted, she told me that I resemble Charlotte/Kristen Davis from Sex and the City. I smiled thinking; this is a small taste of what celebrity life consists of. Then my mind raced back to the modeling class I took and how to best place my feet for the pictures.  We’ll see if it runs or lands on the editing room floor.

Badgley Mischka

The shows were outstanding. Not knowing what to expect, we quickly realized they were starting “Fashionably late” and only lasting about 20 minutes each. We started with Badgley Mischka, who is known for their exquisite evening wear and gorgeous hand beading. They showed textured leggings, bejeweled necklines, fantastic cut-out shoulders on fitted tops (great for women who want to cover their upper arms, but show a little skin), wonderful draping, plus lots of leather and fur trims. There was even a vintage fur stole like my great grandma used to wear, also with cut-out shoulders. Colors shown were black, navy, metallics of pewter, bronze, platinum and gold, plus an evening gown in rose. Vera Wang brought more color to the season with tangerine, charcoal gray, tobacco brown, dark green, plum and Dutch blue. Wang’s collection showed how soft and hard, covered up or revealing can coexist. She displayed this by how she cut the jacquard fabric – sharp, structural, architectural and form fitting, yet paired with fluid sheer chiffon. She designed sheer long skirts as well as structured Bermuda shorts that gave the look of a slim pencil skirt, plus heavy winter coats and elegant capes with fur trim. Wang’s looks were feminine without being too saccharine.

The shows exceeded my expectations and created a desire to bring more fashionable ideas to my clients.  My company stands behind the belief you don’t need the newest trend to be fashionable. We focus on making our clients’ look and feel fantastic by finding clothes and accessories that best for their body, lifestyle and wallet – without looking like everyone else. With this said, only a small majority of my clientele could afford and desire to buy haute couture designs. Watching the shows first hand, feeling the music vibrate through the theatre, seeing the movement of the models hair and listening to the responses of fellow journalists and fashion lovers next to me, I understood the artistic performance.  With only a small segment of buyers that would chose to purchase and wear these designs, the designers were providing us the most creative designs with amazing attention to detail as a way to challenge the Prêt –a – Port and the mass merchandisers to step up the game. Their designs were fantasy, almost dress-up like compared to what Midwesterners wear every day, yet they inspire us to think outside the box, create different pairings in our own closets and turn the costume feel into knock-out attire that can be worn locally.

What a whirlwind trip. We didn’t even have the chance to visit favorite retailers in mid town and the Upper East Side, which thrilled my husband, but not Visa. The Band-Aids of childcare successfully provided my kids with a terrific 36 hours. Fashion Week was a goal. Now that it’s accomplished, the memory of its’ performance and learned lesson will encourage greater style to permeate from me and my clients.

Check out a video montage below of the photos I took at the show!


Kristie Sheanshang is a style consultant, closet cleaner, personal shopper and public speaker who enjoys helping women look and feel fantastic by finding clothes that best fit their body, lifestyle and wallet – without looking like everyone else. She writes the monthly style column for Cincy Chic and represents the Etcetera clothing line as well as some private boutiques in Cincinnati, OH. Flair is a 2011 Winner – Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce WE Celebrate “Businesses WE Watch.” Sheanshang is a Certified Image Consultant and has been published in 24-7Style.com, CincyChic.com and 365 Days of Style.com. Dare for Flair in your life and clothes. We will help you Discover your Style and Re-energize your wardrobe. Visit www.Dare4Flair.com  for more information.

Tips for Switching Out Your Closet

My father-in-law told me about this gal, Kristie Sheanshang, who started her own styling/personal shopping company called “Flair.” She used to be in the banking industry, which is where he met her, but she recently broke out on her own to start Flair.

I signed up for Kristie’s newsletter. Each one is packed with lots of great info, so I suggest you sign up for it! The last one was all about switching out your closet from summer to fall, and helpful hints to do so. Here are a few tips from the newsletter:

Switching Out Your Closet
Time to switch out your Closet & to add some Flair!

Aren’t you tired of looking at all those pastel colored summer clothes? Aren’t you ready for more structured materials, more tactile fabrics in richer colors?

Of the pieces that are ready to be packed up, organize them for quick access if an impromptu trip or costume party arises. Fold, place in large plastic bin with an indicator label and store them in a clean, dry place.

A word on Bugs – they are most attracted to natural fibers such as wool, down, cashmere, mohair and silk. Hungry insects will eat synthetics if they’re seasoned with food spills, stains or perspiration. Dry cleaning or washing in hot water will kill pests in all stages. Even more reason to clean clothing carefully before storing it.

Here’s a tip – Add dryer sheets to each storage bin. Place them between the layers, as well as one on top. They will help the clothes smell fresh instead of stale, and provide a much better scent than mothballs!

Short of Space – Why not store in an unused suitcase? You might as well take advantage of the empty space. Or what about a comforter or mattress pad bag? These are great for clothes, linens or baby clothes.  A lesser alternative is cloth garment bags. They will ward off dust and wrinkles, but they aren’t airtight enough to contain insect-repellent vapors. Do Not Use plastic or dry cleaner bags! You risk discoloring and permanently damaging your clothes by storing them in plastic. Lastly, cardboard boxes are easily ruined by moisture, bugs and/or mice, so plastic bins with tight seal are your best option.

·         “Are my clothes safe hanging in a cedar closet?” Yes, the cedar oil discourages adult moths and roaches from entering and laying eggs, as well as preventing mildew. Cedar closets are safer than mothballs and provide a much better smell. It is a great place to store out-of season clothes. There are many DIY kits available to convert your current closet to cedar lined.

·         “Should shoes be stored in non-ventilated boxes?”Boxes or the soft cloth bags that come with higher end shoes are a sure fire way to prevent further scuffing and to keep the dust off shoes. See through boxes are preferred as you don’t have to guess what is inside. If using the box they came in, take pictures and tape to the outside. If you have shelves but not the depth for a box, my California Closet designer suggests putting a pair side by side, but the left shoe toe facing the back wall and the right shoe toe facing out. They take up the least space this way. Whichever approach you pick, an easy organizational trick is to arrange shoes by use (i.e.: flip flops, athletic, heels by height), then by color.