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12 Terrific Things About Riverside Food Tours

My birthday is coming up (June 10!) and this year it falls on a Saturday, so I’m trying to think of a big fun outing I can do with a bunch of friends! I’ve been doing a lot of research on different tours that we could do, and one that kept popping up was Riverside Food Tours. It has awesome ratings, and people rave about it on all the sites after they do it! There were a few things that stuck out as making them different from the rest. So, since I already did the research for myself I decided to share on the blog in case someone else out there is looking and I can save them some time! I’ll be sure to update after we take a tour, but for now, here’s the list of 12 things that sealed the deal on Riverside Food Tours as being the best one to go with!

1. They indulge their guests in a VIP experience because their groups are small. No more than 12 max.

2. They like to interact and get to know each guest personally. They say their goal is to make every guest feel special, and from the reviews, they’re some mighty fine goal reachers! 🙂

3. Their food tours are not grab and go. Guests enjoy all the various dishes while sitting down and being served!

4. The cost of the food, tax and a 20% gratuity is included in the ticket cost.

5. Every tour includes one alcohol tasting. Guests are free to order additional alcoholic beverages on their own, which of course adds to the fun! *cheers*

6. They give you the privilege of meeting a few owners and chefs at various restaurants.

7. You enjoy their signature dishes and drinks that convey the identity of the establishment. No one never leaves hungry – their promise!

8. They create unique experiences that allow people to connect through local food in historic neighborhoods.

9. Their tours bring the past to life as their professional guides share their passion for history through storytelling

10. Their food tours are so much more than just eating. They include sightseeing and history as they immerse their guests into the local culture.

11. Their food tours are great for family and friend outings, special occasions or for entertaining out of town guests. They do all the work and you enjoy all the fun!

12. They offer four very distinct tours five days a week:

MAINSTRASSE FOOD TOUR – Enjoy generous tastings plus drinks from five unique privately owned restaurants.Step back in time as we explore the architecture and culture of this charming 1800’s German Village. Receive a Food Tasting Guide with exclusive coupons for Riverside Food Tour participants.

MADISON AVENUE FOOD TOUR – we visit five authentic family owned eateries where we taste delicious and fresh food representative from countries around the world. We enjoy a variety of food such as Shakshuka from Israel, a Persian sampler plate, an authentic Mexican taco, Chinese traditional dishes, plus local craft beer, coffee and pastries. The food tastings are enough for a satisfying lunch and are all included in the ticket price.

ROEBLING POINT FOOD TOUR – Savor specially selected tastings from four unique, privately owned restaurants. Enjoy the stunning views of the Ohio River as we step back in time and explore the architecture and culture of the Licking Riverside neighborhood. Receive a Food Tasting Guide with exclusive coupons for Riverside Food Tour participants.

CINCINNATI STREETCAR FOOD TOUR – Savor specially selected food servings and one alcohol tasting from five unique restaurants. Immerse yourself into city life as you are educated and entertained by your personal tour guide. By the end of the tour, you will be the expert on all downtown Cincinnati has to offer! Receive a Food Tasting Guide with streetcar map and your all day pass to extend your culinary adventure into the rest of the day!

To learn more, check ’em out online at http://riversidefoodtours.com

Cincy Chic Review: Occam Dining

Occam Dining… The name comes from Occam’s Razor, a problem-solving principle where – when considering different hypotheses – you choose the one with the fewest assumptions.

So it makes sense that their concept would be simple and uncomplicated. It’s like the fancy restaurant comes to you. And they create seasonal menus that highlight each ingredient in a simple and elegant way.

Each unique menu is designed to not repeat any highlighted ingredient throughout its entirety. They also keep track of each client’s menu, so if you hire them more than once, you’ll always get something different but delicious. Unless you fall in love with a dish (which we definitely did … their butternut squash soup was AMAZING… so we’ll ask for that when we hire them again!)

The entire experience is tailored to the client and their guests’ needs… we just gave them a list of dietary and allergy restrictions, likes/dislikes, things like that, and then they created the menu and wine pairings from there! They even printed out a customized menu with personalization of our dinner party theme at the top… such a nice touch!

The best part – other than the DELICIOUS food of course – is that they brought everything … from the food and wine to the plates, glassware, and cloth napkins. They only request some fridge space. That part was SO nice because the host could be enjoying their time with us instead of shopping, prepping, cooking, serving, cleaning up and never getting to enjoy their guests or the party they’re hosting.

To learn more about them, visit their website www.occamdining.com, “like” them on Facebook or follow all their foodie adventures on Instagram! Or, even better, you can contact them to schedule a foodie adventure of your own with them! Highly recommend it!

Review: Occam Dining

Had such a fun {and yummy!} night tonight with my fab friends! My friend Megan hired Occam Dining for a “Pre-Baby Scalia Celebration” dinner party and it was AMAZING! They brought all the food, drinks, dishes/glassware, cooked, served and cleaned up. It was like the fancy restaurant came to us! A really unique experience! Highly recommend it! Now, back to baby watch, waiting for our little foodie to arrive! T-minus 11 days!


Review: Out Of Thyme Kitchen Studio

Good news for foodies {especially busy ones}! I just visited Out Of Thyme Kitchen Studio to check out their new space on Montgomery Rd., which Chef Jaime Carmody (who we recently featured here in Cincy Chic) just opened!

By the age of 14, Jaime developed two passions: A love of food and a desire to help people. In high school, she started working in commercial kitchens, she eventually graduating from culinary school with honors and laded herself in some pretty impressive Executive Chef positions across the nation.

But she wanted to help people more. She knew she could make a difference for people who wanted to eat well, but didn’t necessarily have the time or skills to cook regularly. So in 2005, she launched her Out Of Thyme Personal Chef Services right here in Cincinnati, specializing in preparing in-home meals for busy people, private catering, dinner parties and cooking classes.

Then, she took her successful personal chef business a step further with the 2016 opening of Out Of Thyme Kitchen Studio, a full-service, commercial kitchen and event space located on Montgomery Rd. in Symmes Twp. The studio offers freshly made take-home meals, call-ahead ordering, baked goods, personal chef services, monthly cooking classes and private culinary events.

I attended one of her cooking classes and it was SO fun and informative. In just two hours, I learned everything from basic knife skills and mincing like they do in the cooking shows, to more advanced things like blanching/shocking, searing, and making homemade whipped cream/mousse. There were people there by themselves, couples, best friends and a mother/son — all different levels, but everyone learned something and then ate together at the end! And there were LOTS of leftovers to take home to the family.

I also grabbed some extra meals to take home from their a la carte fridge. You can actually stop by any time when they’re open Monday thru Friday to grab freshly made take-out meals… breakfast, lunch, sides, dinners, appetizers… or you can call 24-48 hrs ahead with any custom order. Meals are individually packaged but can be packaged for a family. Ready to heat & eat, also most are freezable — so they’re great for people like me who will need an easy meal to grab from the freezer for a while. Their website homepage always have an updated list of what’s in the fridge, which is helpful.

My husband has a food allergy, so I asked about that and I was happy to learn that their kitchen is safe for a wide variety of allergies. They offer customized menus for chef services; Menus for any diet, regardless of restrictions or allergies.

The commercial kitchen can also be used as an event space for parties, private classes, and sit down dinners. It’s perfect for hands-on or demo style team building events for businesses

Make sure you check their Facebook page for news, events, special offers and updates on all the fun — and YUMMY – things Jamie and her team are up to. And of course, lots of info on their website too. Check it out at www.outofthymechef.com.

Review: Cooking Classes at Out Of Thyme Kitchen Studio


Well, my night was awesome (and delicious!). To prep for being homebound with a newborn again soon, I decided to take the “7 skills of a highly effective cook” cooking class tonight at Out Of Thyme Kitchen Studio and it was incredible! In two hours, I learned everything from knife skills and mincing like they do in the cooking shows, to blanching/shocking, searing, and making homemade whipped cream/mousse. There were people there by themselves, couples, best friends and a mother/son — all different levels, but everyone learned something and then ate together at the end! So fun! Oh and don’t worry Pete, I’m bringing home lots of leftovers! Haha!

New Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio!

Chef Jaime Carmody
Chef Jaime Carmody

I’ve been following Chef Jaime Carmody ever since I first started Cincy Chic. I remember she did an eWomen Networking event and she just had such a fun personality, and she was magical with food, so I knew she was one to keep on my radar. We did this story on her back in 2008, and then we recently caught wind of her wanting to open a new kitchen studio so we just wrote this story a couple months ago. Now, the Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio is ready to be officially open for business — check out details below for her grand opening event! So exciting!

OOT KS LogoJust to get you up to speed, Chef Jaime Carmody is a Personal Certified Executive Chef with 25+ years of professional culinary experience. In 2005, she started the Cincinnati-based Out Of Thyme Personal Chef Services, specializing in preparing in-home meals for busy people, private caterings, dinner parties and cooking classes. Her knowledge of food and flavors, combined with her energy in the kitchen and creative hands-on cooking techniques, have made her a guest favorite at cooking schools around the region.

Currently, Jaime is taking her successful personal chef business a step further with the opening of Out Of Thyme Kitchen Studio, a full-service, commercial kitchen and event space located on Montgomery Rd. in Symmes Twp. Jaime’s studio will offer freshly made take-home meals, call ahead ordering service, house made baked goods, personal chef services, monthly cooking classes and private culinary events.

Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio will open to the public on Saturday, March 12, 2016, with an open house event filled with food, cooking demos, tastings and giveaways.

Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio
11915 Montgomery Rd.

Mon-Fri 11-7pm
Saturday & Sunday: Classes & Private events only


Celebrate the Grand Opening of Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio with an entire day of events including tastings, door prizes, cooking demos, special offers, and more! See the schedule below and click here to check out more details on Facebook!

12:30: Ribbon cutting
1:00-3:00 Kids hands-on cooking stations
3:00 Chef Jaime cooking demo
5:00-7:00 Food and wine pairings with sommelier Daniel Schmerr from O’Bryan’s Wine & Spirits.

Mama Mimi’s Donates to Ronald McDonald House

The slogan at Mama Mimi’s is “Making Meals Matter.” I love that because it means that I can pick up pizza on a busy night, pop it in the oven when I get home, and it’s ready by the time the table is set. Plus, it was made with fresh dough, sauces and veggies cut just that morning — just the way I’d prepare it at home if I had the time!

Well, Mama Mimi’s Take ‘n Bake Pizza is also making meals matter for those in need. Once a month, they treat the families staying at the local Ronald McDonald House to an awesome meal. 

I just love this because the last thing those families dealing with a sick child want to think about is cooking or spending the money to eat cruddy fast food yet again. So, the team at Mama Mimi’s prepares them a fresh, home-cooked meal, as if they were all sitting around the table at Grandma’s house getting doted on and filled up until they all need elastic waistbands!

So, during this week of Thanksgiving, think about the businesses you support, and how they give back to your community. Make your dollars – and meals – matter in more ways than one! Check out Mama Mimi’s if you haven’t already, so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your family, while also feeling good that you’re supporting a business that helps families in need when they need it most.

To learn more about Mama Mimi’s, visit www.mamamimis.com.  Also, click here to get an exclusive discount for Cincy Chic readers (free salad with any pizza when you sign up for their email list). Make sure you “like” them on Facebook and watch my exclusive webcast with Mama Mimi’s below!

Road Trips for Foodies

Ever since I’ve been preggo, and especially now that I’m home with the baby a lot, I’ve been relaxing and watching more TV lately. I’ve noticed that there have been a TON of local restaurants recently featured on some of my fav foodie TV shows!

I know Guy Fieri just visited OTR for his “‎Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” show and the Lachey brothers are opening an OTR bar on A&E … but there are three hidden gems located about 20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, just across the Ohio River in Dearborn County, Southeast Indiana, that have been featured recently too!

What I love about them is that they’re not chains, not fast food, no celebrity backing them – they’re just small businesses making fresh food their way. 🙂

Howie’s Diner, Lawrenceburg

Family owned since 1961, stepping into Howie’s Diner, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into the 1950s.  Fresh “never frozen” meats, homemade desserts, home cooking  – “serving great food 24/7.”  Tucked away inside the Marathon gas station at Kennett’s Truck Stop.

Try one of their breakfast specials, including a Howie’s favorite, Hoosier Eggs Benedict: A scrambled egg and two sausage patties on a fresh biscuit topped with sausage gravy.

Got a big appetite?  The Big Howie (named after the original owner, Howard Kennett), features two juicy beef patties and cheese with tartar sauce, lettuce, onions, tomato and pickles with fries and slaw.

Contact Info: Kennett’s Truck Stop, US 50 & I-275, Lawrenceburg, IN 47250 (for GPS, it’s Greendale), 812-537-0313

Greystone Farm, Lawrenceburg

If you’re a farm to table fan, you’ll want to stock up at Greystone Farm.  That’s because this family-owned farm offers everything you need to eat fresh, including high quality and locally-grown produce, farm-raised freezer beef and free-range whole chickens, brown eggs, honey, homegrown tomatoes, peppers, beans, zucchini, cucumbers, squash, melons, sweet corn and more.  Located in a picturesque setting, it’s a great day trip for families and foodies alike.

Contact Info: 15412 Wilson Creek Road, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025, 812-926-2132.  Open 6 days a week in Peak Season – Tues-Sun (closed Mondays).  Call or check their Facebook page for hours.

Great Crescent Brewery, Aurora

Kick back and relax in the spacious historic setting of Great Crescent Brewery and discover what’s brewing in downtown Aurora.  In the mid-19th century, the Gaff brothers of Aurora (one of whom owned the stately Hillforest) launched a beer-making enterprise they dubbed the Crescent Brewery, which over the next 16 years enjoyed a national presence, particularly in the South.  Now, Great Crescent Brewery in downtown Aurora continues that tradition, with handcrafted beers and ales, house-smoked meat sandwiches, beer samplers and an on-site Artisan Center for shopping.

Whether you’re in the mood for their classic Aurora Lager, local favorite Coconut Porter, or a rich and hearty stout, you’ll find a large selection of artisanal beers on tap in the onsite Taproom.  Tours of the brewery with the Great Crescent brewmaster can also be scheduled for a $5 per person fee.

Contact Info:  315 Importing Street, Aurora, IN  812-655-2435

The City Flea, July Edition!

Everyone will be ‘fleeing’ (pun intended!) to Washington Park this Saturday, July 13th from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. to join in the contagious energy that springs from Cincinnati’s original curated, urban flea market. The City Flea  is hosting its monthly market celebration this weekend and is inviting anyone and everyone!

This project began June 4th, 2011 and immediately left people wanting more! Their first summer season was declared a success due to the 70 + vendors sold, and since then, in the third season of operation, the Flea is home to about 170 creative, unique vendors.

There is no admission free, but they do ask that you bring a smile 🙂

Expect everything from food to ceramics to clothing and MUCH more! Spend your Saturday exploring the unique and talented vendors at Washington Park!

The City Flea site encourages people all around town, to “bring your friends, bring a few bucks, and most importantly, just bring it.”


 Thanks to my intern, Shannon Mahoney for helping me put together this blog!